What are the best casual games for iOS and Android that you should install on your phone? Sometimes, even if you only want to rest for about five minutes, you tend to pick up your phone. Unfortunately, there are no new notifications, but you still only want to look at the screen for a while so that you can learn from what is happening around you. Next, you will look for a game you like. This may be a casual game without much consideration. After all, you want to take a break. Something without a plot is likely to complete a game or complete a level in less than five minutes.

We have played a lot of casual games on iOS and Android, this is our first choice. We don’t offer anything on subscription platforms such as Apple Arcade, but instead focus on games that you can install and play individually. Our list covers paid and free games.

Which is the best platform for smartphone or tablet gaming?

Both Android and iOS have large game libraries, and they are also compatible with game accessories such as wireless controllers. Apple’s iOS is generally considered a superior platform for games, but we believe that both Android and iOS are equally good in terms of the quality of available games. However, iOS has better planning functions on the App Store, so it is easier for you to browse around and find interesting games you like.

Especially casual games are often destined. Even if the game is fun, minor issues such as the freemium model or frequent advertisements can ruin the gaming experience. This is why it is important to find the right game, and it usually makes sense to buy premium games or pay for ad removal in games you might like.

Finally, the bigger the screen, the better the gaming experience. It may be convenient to unplug your smartphone to play games, but using a tablet can bring a better and more interesting experience. Compact options such as the iPad mini (2019) are convenient enough so that you can take it off your desk every time you need to take a break.

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The best casual games for mobile devices

Mini subway (Rs 349 on iOS and Rs 90 on Android)

Mini Metro is a game for city planners among all of us, allowing you to be responsible for planning the subway system in the real world. This involves connecting stations, using multiple subway lines to ensure effective connectivity, and upgrading lines and stations to ensure they are never overcrowded. All of this is presented on a classic subway map with a dynamic soundtrack that is in harmony with the traffic (or chaos) of your subway system.

Mini subway ipad mini subway

This is a simple premise, and it does not take long to figure it out. The goal is to set a score for the number of commuters you want to manage before the system crashes due to congestion. Each game initially lasts about five minutes, and then gradually increases according to your skill level, while the music and pleasant visual effects make people feel soothing and relaxing.

Hole (Rs 349 on iOS and Rs 299 on Android)

The concept of breaking the block game may be seriously overdone, but there is no denying the therapeutic feeling of smashing a block with a ball. Unlike the simple and ad-filled version you can find on the app store, Holedown adds some plot and depth to the idea. You are studying various planetary objects and upgrading tools as you use them. More tempting than the plot is the level of skill required, and of course the lack of advertising in this paid game.

ios vulnerability

The main plot will not take a long time to pass, but there are enough plots in the game for you to get higher scores on each level. This is a simple and easy-to-use game. In addition to aiming and shooting, it does not require much other things, and there must be a pleasant feeling when watching the balls that are bombarded and counted down by the ball.

make it happen! (Free on iOS and Android)

A simple puzzle game based on train route management, please do this! Let you be responsible for transferring passengers from one station to another within a specified time without crashing into vehicles or other trains. The visuals are beautiful, and the game is easy to learn, and comes with many maps and skill levels to keep you busy. At the beginning, the playing time for each level will not exceed 5 minutes, and as you progress, the difficulty will gradually increase.

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Do this ios do this

Much like the classic game “Railway”! But it is more impressive visually, please do this! It’s free to play, and in-app purchase advertising support. However, the ads are not very attractive, and the free section of the game will keep you on standby for a long time. This is a must-have for anyone who likes railroad games.

Bad Northland: Jordan Edition (Rs 449 on iOS and Rs 470 on Android)

The game allows you to be responsible for defending the British islands attacked by the Vikings in the Middle Ages, but with concise, cartoon-like illustrations and simple tower defense style gameplay, you can reduce the gloomy atmosphere of the theme. As the new, inexperienced ruler of the island kingdom, you need to use the resources at hand to defend the buildings on each island, while at the same time earning rewards for successful battles and upgrading squadrons.

Bad north ios bad north

The gameplay is easy to learn, and the winning strategy may take a while to master. Either way, each battle can be completed in just a few minutes, and the scope of the battle is wide enough to keep you on standby for a long time. It’s very expensive on both iOS and Android, but it’s totally worth the price on gameplay and graphics.

Plague Company. (Rs.29 on iOS, free on Android)

Plague Inc. is a fairly old game, but it suddenly regained its relevance last year for obvious reasons. It caused you to adopt a deadly disease in an attempt to wipe out humanity. As a virus, your job is to mutate and adapt so that you can infect and eventually kill everyone on the planet. It sounds a bit too intense, but the premise is that it is attractive and even educational, and at the same time still easy enough for fast games that don’t last long.

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The plague is hopeless

Interestingly, Plague Inc. now has an expansion pack with the opposite function of the original game. You are fighting Covid-19 until you end the pandemic. Although it is very old, but playing this game is only for the relevance of the theme, and because it is now free.

Asphalt 9: Legend (Free on iOS and Android)

If the Asphalt title is not included, the list of casual mobile games is incomplete, and Asphalt 9: Legends is currently one of the best racing games on the platform. Although the freemium model can be annoying, fast-paced racing, real-world cars and stunning graphics can make up for this shortcoming. It also works well on devices in various price ranges.

Each game only lasts a few minutes, and the time you spend on the menu is very short; the game allows you to enter various races quickly and efficiently. Although, if you are willing to pay, there are better racing games on iOS and Android, but Asphalt is casual, the best arcade racing, and it’s free.

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