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The 3D picture of NASA’s Mars Smart Helicopter flying above the surface of Mars will surprise you

NASA shared an amazing picture of its Ingenuity Mars helicopter flying on the red planet a few weeks ago. Now, the agency’s engineers have rendered the flight in 3D and shared the same video on its YouTube channel. The helicopter took off vertically, hovered for a few seconds, and then zoomed in on the right side of the screen, beyond our eyes. Then it returned and landed almost at the same spot. The agency said that seeing this sequence is almost like standing on a red planet, next to the Perseverance Rover, it captures the historic moment, watching the helicopter.

However, you only need 3D glasses to make it easily at home. The agency said that this is achieved through the Mastcam-Z imager mounted on the rover mast, which is a zoomable dual camera. It not only helps the public pay attention to the daily discoveries of the Persevering Wanderers, but also provides important data for engineers to navigate and scientists to choose interesting rocks.

Justin Maki, an imaging scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is the team responsible for stitching the images to provide the final shape of the video. According to the agency, the frames of the video are reprojected to optimize the viewing effect of the stereogram, or the image viewed in 3D when viewed with color filter glasses.

Watch the video here:

In a statement, Maki said: “The Mastcam-Z video function is inherited from the MARDI (Mars Descent Imager) camera of the Mars Science Laboratory,” he added: “It is necessary to obtain the 3D of the helicopter in the new mission. The video to reuse this feature to fly above the surface of Mars is really spectacular.” The video of the helicopter is the most extensive 3D video of the Mastcam-Z team to date.

“Helicopters flying on Mars opened up a new era for Mars exploration. This is an excellent display of new exploration technologies.” He added. “Every time we fly, we open up more possibilities.”

On May 12th, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory also shared a 3D video on its official Twitter handle. The laboratory has 3.3 million followers on Weibo, and the video shocked the followers. Many people are in awe of this.

Twitter user @Moredumbtweets shared a photo of his 3D glasses, you need a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Here are some more reactions:

According to information on the NASA website, on April 25, the Mars Smart Helicopter rose 16 feet (5 meters), then landed and flew 164 feet (50 meters). However, a few days later, on April 30, the helicopter flew 873 feet (266 meters) in the fourth flight, and the record was broken.

On May 7, Ingenuity completed its first one-way trip on its fifth flight, traveling 423 feet (129 meters) before reaching an altitude of 33 feet (10 meters) above the new landing site.

The success of the Mars Smart Helicopter on the Red Planet proves that power and control flights can be carried out on Mars. Project manager MiMi Aung referred to the first Ingenuity flight on the Red Planet as “the Wright Brothers’ moment on Mars.”

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