A closed-circuit television company headquartered in the United States is planning to hire personnel to monitor stores from remote areas of India. The Washington-based Live Eye Surveillance company will use surveillance cameras to constantly monitor stores. The novelty of the whole idea is that as long as the remote operator finds suspicious activity in the store, he will intervene.

Sample this. In a CCTV video of a department store, three people can be seen standing behind the counter, but only two of them are employees. Suddenly, one of the speakers made a sound, asking the people in the store to confirm that the third person standing behind the counter was not an employee. “Does he work in the store?” the voice asked.

The cashier then said that the person in question was there to pick an employee near the end of the shift. Then the voice ordered the unidentified person to stand on the other side of the counter. The cashier apologized and thanked everyone for their cooperation.

Click here for a sample video of a day for a potential employee of Live Eye Surveillance.

According to the recruitment information on the company’s website, there is currently a vacancy in Kanal, Haryana. Job responsibilities include monitoring convenience stores, gas stations and other sites, remotely assisting employees located overseas via phone or camera, and creating reports of any suspicious activity for employees working at remote sites (overseas) or customers present. location.

“You will act as the virtual supervisor of these sites in terms of ensuring the safety of overseas employees and requiring them to complete their assigned tasks,” the recruitment notice further explained.

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This work requires basic computer skills, because 100% of the work will be done online. The person also needs to be good at communicating in order to issue commands in a clear way-the voice in the example video shows this fact.

Live Eye Surveillance claims that it has provided first-class services to some of the most well-known companies, such as 7-11, 76, Chevron, Food-Mart, Dairy Queen and Shell.

“At Live Eye Surveillance, we continue to improve more than 2,000 consumer experiences every day while protecting millions of dollars in assets,” it said on its website.