A Russian citizen was accused of providing Tesla employees with 1 million U.S. dollars (approximately 7 rupees) to expose the electric car company’s plant in Nevada to ransomware attacks.

“I am not guilty,” Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov responded to an accusation of conspiracy to deliberately destroy a protected computer.

He stated earlier in the hearing that he hoped to “complete the whole process as soon as possible.”

Kryuchkov, 26, also told U.S. District Judge Carla Baldwin (Carla Baldwin) that he knew the Russian government knew about his case. The authorities did not claim that Kliokov had contact with the Kremlin. Authorities initially said he was 27 years old.

Judge Reno ordered Kriuchkov to stay in federal custody, awaiting the trial scheduled for December 1, but it may be postponed.

Nevada American lawyer Nicholas Trutanich (Nicholas Trutanich) said that the conviction could be sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000 (approximately Rs 20 crore). Deportation is punishable by imprisonment.

The court document stated that Kliokov tried to recruit an employee known as “Company A” to install software for computer hacking attacks while he was in the States with a Russian passport and tourist visa.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted that his company was the target of what he called a serious effort to collect company secrets. Tesla has a large factory near Reno that produces batteries for electric cars and energy storage units. Company officials did not immediately respond to news on Thursday.

According to court documents, Kryovkov was accused of spending more than five weeks in meetings, drinking, traveling and communicating with the unnamed employee via Internet chat applications. The FBI monitored and recorded certain meetings. It is not clear from the documents whether the money changed hands.

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The FBI said the plot was stopped before any damage occurred.

Kryuchkov spoke in English on Thursday with a Russian translation.

His appointed lawyers, federal public defenders Sylvia Irvin and Brandon Jaroch did not immediately respond to news about his appearance in court due to restrictions on in-person gatherings during the pandemic , The meeting was held by video conference.

Kliokov was arrested in Los Angeles on August 22, and prosecutors said he was heading to the airport to fly to the States. He was imprisoned in Wausau County Prison in Reno without bail.

The hacker aims to include a distributed denial of service attack, using junk data to flood Tesla’s computer systems, and the second intrusion will obtain files. If the company does not pay the ransom, these files may be dumped on the open Internet, according to the court file.

Other suspicious accomplices were criminally charged in the nickname. Mention at least another failed effort against another unidentified company.

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