The Ternoa blockchain has just launched an alpha version of the SecretNFT market, which is fully dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFT). The platform uses Ternoa’s own CAPS token and has many features to promote its adoption among NFT artists and enthusiasts.

Ternoa launches its NFT platform SecretNFT

This Ternoa The blockchain has just released its first version Secret NFT Market, a new platform completely dedicated to NFT.

The NFT market allows artists to distribute authenticated digital artwork in one version. Ternoa’s platform has many innovations, especially the so-called SecretNFT, which makes the artist’s work more unique.

This platform represents the first comprehensive test of the Ternoa blockchain. All NFTs that exist in the SecretNFT market are hosted on Chaos Net, the Ternoa test network. Therefore, all works hosted on the SecretNFT market are certified by the Ternoa blockchain to avoid any forgery.

Since the SecretNFT Marketplace ecosystem is supported by Ternoa’s native cryptocurrency CAPS, after the platform is opened to the public, users will be able to purchase NFT through CAPS.

In order to deploy this version of the SecretNFT market, Ternoa worked with 12 different artists, who forged a total of 26 NFTs on the platform. At present, the SecretNFT market is still in the experimental stage, and many planned functions have not been added yet.

In total, the Ternoa team is working with 30 artists to continue to improve the SecretNFT catalog. New artwork will be added to the platform every 2 or 3 weeks. However, in the near future, SecretNFT will be fully open to the public, and any user will have the opportunity to create their own NFT here.

Lots of customization options

The SecretNFT market allows NFT creators to use the following functions to customize their digital works: “protection”, “secret” and “fuzzy”. Of course, these features are optional, but they provide artists with the opportunity to personalize their work.

Protective function

Using the “protect” function, each NFT can be watermarked to protect its uniqueness. In this regard, only the owner of the NFT can access the entire work without generating a watermark. This feature provides a new dimension for SecretNFT Marketplace NFT, which is cherished by holders of the only irreplaceable token.

This function can be used in a variety of ways. First, it proves that the NFT is truly unique in public and determines who its owner is. For example, many museums plan to create exhibitions dedicated to NFT in the near future. They can show visitors the NFT without watermark, which will bring some value to the exhibition, because the complete digital works can only be seen during the exhibition.

Some of the first NFTs on the SecretNFT market, including watermarks

Secret function

By adding a “secret” option to their NFT, artists can hide most or all of their work. Only NFT holders can see the well-known hidden content of their work.

Blur function

Last but not least is the “fuzzy” function of the platform. Not surprisingly, this feature allows the creator of the NFT to blur it from view. As with other options, only the owner of the NFT can view all works.

Interact with Ternoa’s mobile wallet

In order to promote the mass adoption of SecretNFT, Ternoa intends to develop an interaction method between the platform and its mobile applications. Today, almost no NFT platform has its own smartphone application, although this is an important adoption vector, it can enable many people to discover the exciting world of irreplaceable tokens.

In a few weeks, the Ternoa ecosystem will launch its own mobile application, which will be the hub for all Ternoa products, including the SecretNFT market. The app will also have its own wallet for Ternoa’s native token CAPS.

In this regard, CAPS token holders can directly interact with many of Ternoa’s applications through this application. In addition, once the final version of the wallet is deployed, the staking function will be implemented, allowing CAPS token holders to generate passive income from the funds they hold.

Ternoa CEO Mickaël Canu explained that the app will also integrate functions related to sending and receiving CAPS tokens.

In short, compared with the existing NFT market, Ternoa’s SecretNFT market provides many services. SecretNFT not only provides artists with the opportunity to protect their works before purchase, but also makes their NFT content only available to future owners. This may represent a huge leap in the entire space.

SecretNFT innovates to open the door to widespread NFT adoption for content creators, its fans, and even companies and collectors eager to participate in this new world that is still in its infancy.

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The Ternoa project’s share on social media continues to grow and currently has +11,500 followers Twitter, 10,000 followers between English and French Telegram Channel, And 5,000 followers in English and French Instagram.

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