“Tennis World Tour 2” allows you to “cheat” in the game and feel like you missed the point. Just like the highly acclaimed original version in 2018, “Tennis World Tour 2” has a variety of “skill cards” that can be activated during the game, which can increase the player’s value and even affect the opponent’s attributes within a limited time. You can reduce their shooting percentage or serve accuracy while increasing your own shooting percentage. Moreover, these skill cards, like FIFA Ultimate Team, must be packaged and sold in the form of in-game currency. At least this time you cannot buy in-game currency, which is different from the micro-transaction model in the first Tennis World Tour game.

Nonetheless, this is terrible game design-even worse, it is completely unnecessary. Look at FIFA. EA Sports found that most players have never used “training supplies” (found in the Ultimate Team Pack), and that it works similarly to the “skill cards” of Tennis World Tour. After years of player feedback, EA was finally eliminated in FIFA 21. It is no longer necessary for “Tennis World Tour 2” to continue to use outdated models. You can simply ignore the entire system, but when you encounter AI or even other online people, you will naturally be at a loss. No matter which game mode you use, Tennis World Tour 2 does not allow you to disable skill cards.

Speaking of game modes, “Tennis World Tour 2” also offers doubles tennis this time, which is not in the original game. It’s interesting, especially to see how fast AI players react to each other’s shooting. Four human players can play the game locally on the same device, or two players can play online on two different computers. Strangely, you cannot connect four game consoles or PCs together on Tennis World Tour 2. Tennis World Tour 2 also has a new game engine developed by Melbourne-based Big Ant Studios, which is also behind AO Tennis 2 and Cricket 19. The game engine is taken over by Breakpoint Studio, the manufacturer of the tennis world tour. It claims to provide twice as much character animation, better visual effects and comprehensive gameplay.

Tennis doubles in Tennis World Tour 2
Image Credit: Nacon / Big Ant Studios

But despite these claims, the Tennis World Tour 2 engine does not have the fluency of other AA sports games. Oops, it can hardly be compared with what is provided by fans’ efforts like “tennis elbow”. The movement seems unnatural, because the player seems to jump from one position to another instead of running like a human. It feels a bit stiff. It seems that there is still a lack of animation, because the best players in the world-Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, are included in “Tennis World Tour 2”, far from reality Superman in the world. You cannot slide on the court, nor can you try the last ball, because the animation does not exist.

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Instead, it is often frustrating that Tennis World Tour 2 seems to have predetermined that the ball has passed us, not even letting us swing the racket. Our players will stand there like fools, let the ball go around them and sometimes even hit them. At other times, even if the ball is within reach, the player will not swing the racket. This is simply because we did not move the left stick in the direction of the ball. Even the way the ball itself moves in the air does not have the natural feel of a real tennis ball. It just rubs in the air and there is almost no friction-anyway, Tennis World Tour 2 has no wind factor-and its trajectory and arc will not be affected by the position of the ball. In other words, it feels very false.

Tennis World Tour 2 is indeed more lifelike, the key is timing. Anyone who has ever played tennis can attest that this is a score game. Hit the ball for half a second sooner or later, all this is different. Tennis World Tour 2 sowed the spirit of going deep into all aspects of the game. When shooting a basket, you must give the player enough time to swing the racket. The natural change of the racket depends on the speed of the ball. This means you have to press the button of your choice before the ball reaches you-flat shot, topspin, cut or high ball. Also, if you want to enhance the function by holding down any button, you must start faster, sometimes with the ball facing the other side.

We spent some time adapting to this concept and then got used to the mechanics. Fortunately, Tennis World Tour 2 has a built-in timing coach-“too early”, “good”, “perfect” or “too late”, which will appear on your players every time you hit the ball and tell you How to do it. Nonetheless, many of our shooting moves will be late, especially when competing with top players who have more opportunities to provide high-energy shots, thereby reducing your reaction time.

This also applies to serve, a brand new system was used in Tennis World Tour 2. You must time two different parts: the toss and the racket swing. After tossing, you can choose “Safety” (press the button) or choose to increase the accuracy (press the button). The next step requires you to hit the ball at the maximum height. These in turn determine how close the ball will fall to the chosen location and how much power will be behind the ball. Similarly, the timing trainer is also suitable for your serve, let you know that it is too weak, “maximum strength” is still good.

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Although you are welcome to add these content, “Tennis World Tour 2” still lacks some small but useful game adjustments. For a tennis player’s strategy, the position of the receiver on the court is one of the most important things, depending on whether they intend to defend or attack, whether they like to play from the bottom line or push the opponent to play faster. But the game will reset your receiving position, forcing you to readjust yourself every time you serve. This is what “Tennis Elbow 2013” can understand. It can remember your position based on the first serve and the second serve, which is very useful because once you adjust the opponent’s serve, you can focus on the game.

In the improved career mode of World Tennis Tour 2, the options are similarly restricted. As you progress and upgrade, you will gain skill points that can be assigned to “attack”, “defense” or “precision”. These categories are too broad. In terms of its value, you can also purchase new equipment (such as licensed rackets) by spending (while playing games) using currency in the game, or create your own by picking frames, strings, handles, shock absorbers Customize your racket to improve your players, etc.

In career mode, in addition to the basic difficulty of the game (very easy, easy, normal, difficult or very difficult), you must also select the career difficulty: “future”, “challenger”, “world” or “shangda” Daman “Perform”. This determines how long you play the match (number of sets and number of games per set) and whether you can replay it. During the match, you can also (randomly) get injured in career mode. “Tennis World Tour 2” Let you play it, but we further aggravated the injury.

Tennis World Tour 2Philippe Chatrell Tennis World Tour 2

Court Philippe-Chatrier in Tennis World Tour 2
Image source: Nacon / Big Ant Studios

Outside of the career mode-and the expected singles and doubles exhibition-Tennis World Tour 2 allows you to also create your own matches. The licensed stadium (Roland-Garros tie tiebreaker) is part of the Tennis World Tour 2 season pass, called the “Annual Pass”, which also brings licensed stadiums (five launched from Paris, Madrid and Halle) Stadium) costs approximately Rs. At £3,000, the annual pass can be obtained as part of the Tennis World Tour 2 Ace Edition for approximately Rs. The shame of 4,000 is that the licensed stuff is locked behind the second paywall, although in terms of its value, more content and players will be provided to you after the annual pass is issued. There are 36 players at launch, and two other players-Gustavo Kuerten and Marat Safin-are available for pre-orderers.

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In the end, “Tennis World Tour 2” will attract hardcore tennis fans to a large extent with its steep learning curve and lively animation. It does not reach the required level anywhere, but it also runs in an environment without any competition. This is why although the 2018 disaster was catastrophic, it was still interesting enough when the tennis game switched to virtual selection during the global suspension. When football players used it on FIFA’s beautiful courts, people like Andy Murray were transferred to the Tennis World Tour.

When the publisher Bigben Interactive pressed the release button, the developer admitted that the game was only 20% complete because it had to take advantage of the upcoming French Open. This is also the case for Tennis World Tour 2-matches are played on Tuesdays in the US and Thursdays elsewhere, and Roland-Garros starts on Mondays-but the sequel is in much better condition because it rushes out the door. Hope that with the introduction of new content, Big Ant can solve the problem. Or, if “Tennis World Tour 3” is a success, perhaps the third time will be the charm.


  • Focus on timing
  • Shooting timing coach
  • New service system
  • Tennis doubles


  • Rigid player movement
  • Weak animation will affect gameplay
  • Artificial ball
  • Skill Card System
  • 4 systems cannot be connected
  • Career development is too wide
  • Part of the pass

Rating (out of 10 points): 6

Gadget 360 played Tennis World Tour 2 on Xbox One X. The game will be released on PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One in India on September 24. The cost is Rs. 2,724 (XB1)/rupee. 2,999 (PS4), while the Tennis World Tour 2 Ace Edition is priced at Rs. 3,799 (XB1)/Rs. 3,999 (PS4). Steam prices have not yet been announced.

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