On Wednesday, Tencent included 37 companies that it had blacklisted in future contracts and said it had fired more than 100 employees due to corruption and bribery incidents.

China’s largest social media and video game company Tencent stated on social media that since the anti-corruption campaign launched in the fourth quarter of 2019, it has reported 40 employees to the authorities.

In the name and shame post, Tencent stated that in one case, an employee of its game publishing department sought benefits for the outside world and received rebates from it.

In recent years, with the rise of high technology, Chinese technology companies have doubled their investigations into corruption because their valuations and popularity have soared.

The arrest of senior Alibaba executives in 2018 shows that President Xi Jinping took the lead in anti-corruption operations for several years and will not be able to save the country’s Internet giants. Yang Weidong, president of Alibaba’s video streaming service Youkou, resigned before being sentenced to seven years in prison.

Since then, Chinese technology companies have provided regular updates on anti-corruption measures.

Tencent said on Wednesday that it will adhere to a “zero tolerance” policy for unethical behavior.

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