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Televend’s complex telegraph drug robot system swelled as German police occupied 9 telegram drug channels

In the recent months following the withdrawal of the infamous Imperial Dark Web Market (DNM), a large number of DNM users flocked to alternative providers. Recently, a new bot on Telegram called Televend has attracted thousands of users, and since its first introduction, the service has become more and more massive. At the same time, German law enforcement agencies recently seized nine telegraph organizations operating in the same way.

The demise of the dark web market empire has seen a wave of DNM users flocking to replace DNM, but the newly created Telegram channel provides illegal goods 24 hours a day. For example, the news in mid-October. reported on a new complex robotic drug transaction telegraph system called “Televend”.

Since we submitted our initial report on this issue, the Televend system has remained very active and has developed rapidly since then.

In one of the Televend group chat rooms, active users and suppliers discussed LSD and gel tags.

For example, one of the Televend channels called “Buy Drugs” had 155,201 subscribers at the time of release. Since the last report, the other branches of Televend Group have doubled and quadrupled in size.

The creator of the software explained in detail: “Televend is a network of automated shopping robots for direct dealers.” “We manage robots and vendors run them like private stores. Customers can visit them and use Bitcoin to pay, track orders and Make payment and leave feedback/rating.”

In the Televend Shop Reviews channel, customers can check various medicines from specific suppliers, as well as review their products and processing.

Televend vendors control their own lists, and users need to find trusted vendors to access specific bots. The drug supplier “operates the list and configuration of its bot through a control panel based on .onion Tor, so it does not require a Telegram account to sell.”

From behind the control panel, suppliers can answer messages from customers, process orders and access other functions. Today, Televend “group chat” has more than 15,000 users discussing suppliers, drugs and news reports.

On Wednesday, November 11, 2020, the channel called “Buying Drugs” had 155,035 subscribers.

At 10:23 am on Wednesday morning (Eastern Standard Time), a user wrote: “Who can recommend a proven bot that sells decent MDMA?” Many other users in the entire chat message backlog indicate that they are looking for reliable Many people raised the same question when Televend was a supplier.

Many other users usually answer questions, and they usually recommend suppliers they trust. There are also many random vendors advertising products such as marijuana, opium, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy and various drugs.

At the same time, at the end of October, German law enforcement announced the seizure of 9 Telegram channels operating in a similar manner. A translation report from showed that the Central Office for the Fight against Cybercrime (ZIT), the Frankfurt Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) were involved in the seizure.

At the end of October, German law enforcement officials announced the seizure of 9 Telegram-based drug groups with 8,000 users.

According to the official’s announcement, BKA referred to the illegal telegram channel as a “substitute for the dark web.”

The Office of the Attorney General revealed that the investigation into these telegraph groups began last summer, in June 2020. The prosecutor identified 28 suppliers, and on October 29, the German task force also conducted a surprise inspection of 30 different properties throughout Germany.

German police confiscated euros and several kilograms of drugs hidden by some telegraph drug dealers.

Law enforcement agencies confiscated more than four kilograms of various drugs and approximately 8,000 euros in cash. The report also details that so far, only two suspects have been arrested from the Offenbach district.

In addition to announcing the confiscation, the German police also revealed that 9 telegram channels were closed. Interestingly, one of the groups is called “Silk Road” and other market channels also have unique names.

The translated report also showed that the Telegram channel had approximately 8,000 users before it was seized. On Twitter, dark web market researchers and analysts said “Dark failDiscussed the seizures of Telegram and pointed out that he did not think it was related to Televend.

“The “Silk Road” telegraph organization seized by the German authorities. These do not seem to be supported by Televend, which is an emerging alternative to the Tor crypto market,” Darkfail Tweet.

What do you think of the rapid development of Televend and the recent confiscation of Telegram channels in Germany? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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