Telegram is releasing a major update that will bring a lot of new features to the messaging app. The update includes features such as “Payment 2.0”, scheduled voice chats and mini-profiles for voice chats, two new Telegram web applications, an update to the Android UI, and improvements to the photo and video viewers in the application. Telegram did not provide any details about when the update will be rolled out. In addition, the company also mentioned that the update must be manually downloaded to the Android device.

Information about Telegram updates has been detailed on the company’s blog. The company also stated that it will not immediately provide updated applications in the Google Play store, citing Google’s words. The company told the company that “due to the adjusted work schedule, the current review time is longer than usual.” Those who are impatient with the latest version of Telegram on Android can navigate to the official website of Telegram to manually load the latest version of the application. However, iOS users will be able to update the application through the App Store. In addition, when opening the side menu or swiping back from the chat to the chat list, the Android app has received a new animation.

One of the biggest features of this update is the introduction of Payments 2.0. This feature will allow Telegram users to use credit cards to pay merchants. The company stated that this service does not charge any commissions and does not store any information about users. It also allows buyers to add delivery reminders, etc., and can make payments through any Telegram app-even a web app. It creates a demo channel so that users can experience the feature in advance. In addition, there is a “Payment Manual” which lists all the key information about the payment function.

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Telegram’s voice chat 2.0 has received a new feature that allows the host and administrator to arrange a voice chat, and the countdown will be displayed at the top of the screen. At the end of the countdown, the host must still manually start the voice chat. The listener can choose to receive the notification when the timer expires instead of waiting for notification in the chat. At the same time, users can easily set up their mini profile by selecting a profile picture and a personal resume without leaving the voice chat.

As we can see, Telegram recently quietly launched two new web applications-WebK and WebZ. The company has now officially announced that these new apps have dark mode, animated stickers, chat folders, payment and other functions. At the same time, the chat application has improved the media viewer in the application. Now, Telegram allows users to expand and zoom in on media directly from the chat without having to open it in the media viewer. iOS users can now skip 15 seconds to fast forward or rewind the video by clicking the + or-button. On the other hand, Android users can press and hold on either side of the screen and perform the same operation. Alternatively, the user can double-tap to jump in either direction for 10 seconds.

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