Press release. The Ecosystem TravelCoin project supported by the blockchain will challenge the status quo by using evolving technology.

Since blockchain-supported solutions hope to bring freedom to different stakeholders in the market, the Travel Coin project looks like a disruptor in the tourism industry. The ecosystem includes the Travel Coin token (also known as TCOIN), the Travel Coin mobile app and the all-inclusive Travel Coin dashboard. The comprehensiveness and versatility of the project, especially because it allows everyone and anyone to take advantage of the decentralization of the tourism industry, are some of the unique features of the Travel Coin project.

Over the years, as more and more companies in all walks of life hope to take advantage of its functions and advantages, the popularity and acceptance of blockchain technology has continued to increase. With the emergence of various solutions supported by blockchain, the multi-billion-dollar tourism industry has also embraced the technology. Unfortunately, due to their incompleteness, many available solutions cannot effectively meet the needs of service providers and customers. but, Travel currency project Led by Dan Sebastian, it aims to change this narrative through its all-encompassing ecosystem.

The main goal of the project is to use the simple and easy-to-use ecosystem supported by the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to enable as many people as possible (especially customers in the tourism industry) to use blockchain technology. The ecosystem is designed to facilitate the instant transfer of TCOIN tokens, the main currency of the project, while also allowing business owners in the industry to reward their loyal customers by using the currency as a loyalty token.

Problems in tourism

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Despite the rapid growth of the tourism industry, stakeholders still face various challenges that have hindered the development of the market in the near term. Some of the problems that customers and service providers face include challenges such as high booking fees, difficulty attracting customers, retaining customers, and adopting new technologies.

Characteristics of the travel currency ecosystem

The ecosystem aims to solve several challenges faced by the tourism industry. The solution is briefly introduced as follows:

  • Zero booking and management fees
  • Attract visitors through a well-thought-out, decentralized and secure reward system
  • A modern ecosystem of high-quality user-friendly mobile apps
  • Get a personalized experience through targeted information and suggestions.

Travel currency mobile application

The Travel Coin mobile application is one of the components of the Travel Coin ecosystem, and its function is designed to help users use the amazing benefits of this structure on any smart mobile device no matter where they are. The features of the application are highlighted as follows:

  • Available on iOS AppStore and Google Play.
  • Hotel search and reservation.
  • TCOIN token wallet.
  • Digital currency wallet.
  • The price of services based on TCOIN tokens.
  • TCOIN token reward information.
  • TCOIN partner map.
  • QR code TCOIN transaction.
  • Friends list.
  • Customer reviews of hotels and services.
  • User-friendly management interface for travel business owners to manage their TCOIN tokens and effective customer engagement

Features of travel coin dashboard

  • Availability on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.
  • Service management based on TCOIN token.
  • Multi-team management.
  • TCOIN reward tracking.
  • Personal data analysis.
  • Message to customers.
  • Purchase TCOIN tokens.
  • Excellent service.
  • Loyal customer rewards.
  • Targeted notification.
  • In-app advertising.

The versatility of TCOIN tokens

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The TCOIN token is unprecedented in the tourism industry, especially due to its comprehensiveness and versatility. Tokens can be used as rewards in the industry, enabling companies to attract new customers and reduce booking fees to zero.

  • TCOIN can also trade other cryptocurrencies on other digital currency exchanges and platforms.
  • Visitors can use tokens anywhere in the world, including the location of partners.
  • With the support of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, TCOIN tokens are fast, cheap and protected by global validators, and can be transferred using blockchain technology.

For more information about the travel currency project and how to become part of the tourism revolution, please visit – revolution continues on social media, including telegraph, Twitter, with YouTube.

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