Barney is different from your usual Swiss bartender. He is fully automated, can mix dozens of cocktails, and can even make creepy jokes.

Developer F&P Robotics stated that there is growing interest in “Barney Bar” and hopes to be popular in hotels, bars and shopping malls that hope to reduce contact with people during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

For customers who place orders via mobile phones and provide beer and Prosecco wine, Barney can mix 16 different spirits and 8 different sodas. The robot can sterilize its robotic arm and tell them that the drink is ready through the large video display above the bar.

Barista versions for making different coffees have also been developed. Both versions can have a conversation, so, for example, Barney can joke about playing a role in the latest “Terminator” movie.

Chief Sales Officer Gery Colombo told Reuters: “We have a lot of interest.” “We think Barney may be an interesting attraction that can bring people to bars because he is always in motion and is different. .”

Colombo said that although the initial customers, restaurants and hotels did not initially spend money because of the crisis, the situation is slowly changing. The cost of each model is approximately 120,000 Swiss francs (approximately 9.8 million rupees).

He said: “Compared with last year, the number of inquiries we received has doubled. For a bartender who wants to be able to work 24 hours a day, he can provide customers with just the right drinks, and at the same time reduce the number of customers who come in contact with people. Say, this is definitely an advantage.”.

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The Zurich company produces robots and their operating software. So far, they have sold robots to China and Oman. Oman produces robots for tailless fish in a shopping mall.

Other companies in Europe and Asia are also working as robot bartenders, but it is not clear whether they will eventually replace manual bartenders.

Colombo said: “We can’t say what the food world will look like in a few years, but we believe that robotics will play a role.”

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