Press release. Sweet’s consumer-focused enterprise-level NFT platform now allows brands to seamlessly provide NFT through existing online stores.

New York, New York- SweetThe leading NFT solution provider company announced the integration of its NFT distribution platform into the Shopify market, allowing brands, store owners and IP holders to sell NFTs through existing online storefronts. Adding Sweet to the Shopify platform allows global retail and entertainment brands to take advantage of the growing demand for NFTs, while enabling consumers to maintain their own branded checkout experience.

according to Tom Mizzone, CEO and founder of Sweet:

“So far, NFTs are mainly sold through third-party encrypted markets, which forces brands to make difficult choices to guide consumers to a non-brand experience. In addition, a wider consumer base wants to buy and own NFTs, but due to complexity And confused by the intimidating blockchain wallet setup, and don’t know how to start. Now, anyone can enter the NFT game through the familiar Shopify checkout experience, and further improve Sweet’s brand cooperation by prioritizing the consumer experience The commitment of partners.”

Sweet’s scalable NFT platform is democratizing NFT and provides a wider range of ways for retail and consumer brands to provide digital collectibles to their users. The ability to sell and distribute through the Shopify e-commerce platform not only enables direct sales of NFTs, but also enables transactions with physical products through gamification, bundling, and NFT experience of “gift when you buy”.

“Imagine bundling and tying digital assets with T-shirts, vinyl records, sneakers, and other items,” Say Ken Ellis, CTO of Sweet.

Ellis carry on, “Now imagine that by bundling together Willy-Wonka-style golden ticket NFTs, the merchandise store will be gambling, and consumers will be surprised and happy with a unique experience. Brands can not only use Sweet’s technology to create fascinating Consumer experience, promote sales and increase profit margins, and NFT can be used as a cryptographically secure authenticity digital certificate. NFT can be publicly verified and cannot be forged, and packaging them with physical objects can also ensure the authenticity of these products .”

Sweet The environmentally friendly NFT solution that has nothing to do with blockchain brings digital collectibles to the masses by providing retailers with flexible distribution options and the ability to cast cost-effective branded NFTs on multiple blockchains. The magic of Sweet is to make these unique digital assets easily accessible to consumers without any encryption knowledge or expertise.

The integration of Sweet’s NFT platform with the Shopify marketplace means that retail brands of all shapes and sizes can now provide consumers with NFTs in unique use cases specific to their brand aesthetics and personality. According to CNBC’s data, NFT’s sales in the first quarter of 2021 exceeded $2 billion. As NFT extends to the lives of everyday consumers, brands that use Sweet’s consumer-oriented solutions are expected to capture a large portion of sales.

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About sweet

Sweet is a large-scale enterprise NFT solution that takes a user-friendly, consumer-oriented, and ecological approach to digital collections. Sweet’s blockchain agnostic platform utilizes multiple chains, each of which is suitable for the right use case, enabling Sweet’s corporate customers to create an overall long-term NFT strategy that attracts high-end crypto enthusiasts and daily loyal fans.

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