Super girl Coming to an end.Warner Bros. Television, Berlanti Productions and CW (the broadcaster of Supergirl in the US) announced Super girl Season 6 (which will premiere at ZeeCafé in India in 2021) will be the last season of the DC series. Super girl Will be the end of the second Arrowverse TV show arrow By itself, it was packed after eight seasons in early January this year.Interested parties, including Super girl According to reports, the star Melissa Benoist (Melissa Benoist) decided to end the series due to the show’s decline in ratings and production delays.

On her Instagram and Twitter Benoist wrote: “It would be an honour to portray this iconic character, it would be an understatement. Seeing the show has had an incredible impact on young girls around the world, it always makes me humble and speechless.”

“She also had an impact on me. She taught me strengths I never had, to find hope in the darkest places, and to unite us to become stronger. She represents pushing us all to become better. She I will always be grateful for making my life better.”

“I’m very excited, we can plan the conclusion of this amazing journey, and I can’t wait for you to see our store. I promise we will shine in the last season. ♥️el mayarah💪”

Super girl Co-performer Jessica Queller wrote Twitter: “I am deeply grateful for the whole process Super girl Family, and proud of the show we created together.

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“The role of the super girl-portrayed by the luminous Melissa Benoist-embodies the values ​​that matter to me: compassion, hope, strength, integrity, respect for all. I have already said that Many times: Melissa is as moving as a Supergirl because she and Kara Danvers have all these qualities. We have a very talented ensemble performer, but it’s really amazing The focus is-like Melissa-they are also outstanding people and they care very much about the stories we tell.”

“These stories originate from the thoughts and hearts of our incredible writing team-I thank each of you. I am deeply grateful to our staff, which is recognized as the best in the industry! From PA to Post; Catering to casting From WB&CW to Berlanti Productions, the whole family, Robert Rovner, Rob Wright and I are honored to share this journey with you.”

“The most important thing is-thank us for all the incredible Super girl Fans, your enthusiasm is our driving force. We are very happy to create the sixth season-126 episodes of our beloved series! Can’t wait to see our shop. “

Deadline indicated Super girl The sixth season is expected to start production in Vancouver, Canada next week. Due to her pregnancy, Benoist will join later. In addition to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this is another reason for production delays. Super girl Season 6, the deadline is increased, Queller confirms Super girl Season 6 will have 20 episodes, which is longer than most other CW shows this year.

Initially debuted on CBS at the end of 2015, Super girl Follow Superman’s cousin Karl Zor-El/Karan Danvers (Benoist), he is also one of the last surviving members of the Last tribe. After reaching the earth, she became the protector of the country’s city. Since then, Supergirl has fought several major villains in DC, including Lex Luthor, Reign and Red Daughter, equivalent to the female of Red Son. After the “Infinite Earth Crisis” incident, the superwoman struggled to cope with the new life in the reality of the new earth flourishing age.

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Such as Super girl Left, it stayed flash, “Legends of Tomorrow”, Black lightningwith Batgirl -All of these will be broadcast in Colors Infinity in India, and a new season will be launched in 2021. Super girl Has led to the split between Superman and Louis, but there is no premiere date yet.

Super girl Aired in Zee Cafe in India. It had its sixth season in January, and it is now also its final season.