Press release. January 7, 2021, London, United Kingdom-Stratis was created for a simple purpose-to provide enterprises with a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solution, aiming to implement complex blockchain architectures in mainstream coding languages, daily companies Stay away from the crypto market.

It achieves this through cloud solutions, support for C# and .NET application construction, and tool customization through its open source protocol. The results of it? Stratis unleashes the power of blockchain technology for mainstream businesses and unleashes the mainstream market for the blockchain industry-two powerful combinations.

Companies that find themselves relying on the Stratis tool set will be able to build a framework using a cheaper and less complex blockchain. Companies no longer need to buy and manage their own full nodes, nor do they need to build a blockchain infrastructure from scratch. This is a niche market, which represents a huge obstacle to installation costs for all companies except the largest companies. In addition, companies that require smart contract support will be happy to find that Stratis supports virtual machines through Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.


Stratis has several key values ​​that make it the best choice for blockchain operations-decentralization, privacy, scalability, practicality, accessibility, reliability, security, and performance. To better understand this, the Stratis blockchain runs many cloud-based full nodes, so decentralization can be ensured. Privacy is guaranteed-through encryption, all transactions and communications are kept private. Stratis is also keen to provide adaptable scalability through intuitive sidechain usage.

Companies wishing to use smart contract functions must know that Stratis is the only platform that supports C# execution, so developers can use their existing development tools and rich knowledge of general programming languages ​​to effectively write self-executing programs. Stratis is also committed to facilitating cross-chain communication between contracts running in the Stratis ecosystem and contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, thereby improving its applicability to today’s connected world.

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STRAX exchange for Binance

In September 2020, the team introduced STRAX, a more powerful protocol designed to be perfectly integrated into the existing business model of the platform. The previously mined STRAT tokens have been exchanged 1:1 for STRAT tokens through Binance. After the transfer, Stratis will introduce a series of other advanced features, such as STRAX SideChain, Stratis InterFlux, SegWit support, cold reactor, DeFi application library, IoT development tools, etc.

Since STRAX is based on the consensus mechanism of proof of equity, network participants can obtain token-based rewards in exchange for their STRAX tokens. Stratis is fully aware of the security risks posed by hot wallet storage, so the team decided to use cold bets to achieve ideal token security.

2021-Stratis and BaaS year

In the first quarter of 2021, Stratis will launch the Unity Development Kit (allowing the integration of NFTs and decentralized identities in the game ecosystem), DeFi software library (C# standardized smart contract catalog), Stratis DAO (one for the next Token development, Stratis system contracts (introducing on-chain logic and simplifying user-driven processes) and mobile wallets with token support (supporting tokens issued on the Cirrus sidechain).

In the second quarter of 2021, Stratis will release a Python development kit (allowing Python coders to build on Stratis), an IoT development kit (designed to introduce Stratis solutions to IoT hardware), and a new version of the proof of stake (with higher security) Sex and reliability). Other functions), Stratis Oracles (a distributed method of accessing data off-chain) and Dex Mobile support (allowing mobile transactions of SRC20 tokens).

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In the fourth quarter of 2021, Stratis will launch Ethereum interoperability (called InterFlux) together with STO and digital asset platforms (providing tools needed to manage token products), which will enable the use of packaged STRAX on the Ethereum chain Token becomes possible).

So many things happened last year, and so are the upcoming things. For Stratis, 2021 is a year of hope. Click here to learn more about how Stratis is changing the blockchain world one at a time.

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