The Steam Game Festival will begin on February 3, offering more than 500 free playable game demos. Valve started hosting multiple Steam game festivals in March last year, and is now organizing another Steam live broadcast, live broadcast, developer interaction and free game demos. The company shared the development process on Twitter and shared a video on YouTube, allowing us to spy on the festival. The Steam Game Festival will host games for the first time developers and industry veterans.

Valve has shared On Twitter, the Steam Game Festival will start at 10 am PST (11:30 pm U.S. Standard Time) on February 3 and end at 10 am PST on February 9. The music festival in February 2021 will allow players to explore more than 500 free game demos on Steam. There will also be live broadcasts and players will have the opportunity to chat with the developers of these games. Steam account on Twitter also has shared The film festival will showcase action, strategy, adventure, platform games, puzzle games and visual novels.

Preview videos posted on YouTube include games like Hazel Sky, Flight to the Finish, Black Book, Almighty: Kill the Gods, Shady Knight, Genesis Noir, The Riftbreaker and Bloodroots. The festival will include games from beginners as well as experienced developers.

The official page of the Steam Games Festival allows you to set reminders via email or mobile apps to remind you when the festival starts. The idea behind the festival is to let players try new games for free. If players like the free demo version, they can purchase the game when it is officially released. So far, there is no release date information for any games. In addition, developers can get early feedback about their games.

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After the coronavirus pandemic eliminated the possibility of physical events where developers could show off their games, Valve launched the Steam Games Festival in March 2020. The summer edition of the festival is held in June, followed by the autumn edition in October.

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