Decentralized finance is definitely the mainstream of the cryptocurrency industry. Smart contracts expand the usability of encryption, and users can now conduct various transactions without a third party. This is a relief. With so many high fees and privacy violations, it’s no wonder that people are so hyped about the idea of ​​DeFi. Knowing that no one can cancel a transaction “just because”, this really frees you from anxiety. In addition, there are 1.7 billion people who don’t even have a bank account. If you haven’t had a chance to join and feel a little overwhelmed by all the DeFi options, here is a suggestion-Yearnify Finance.

Yearning for finance-what?

Yearnify Finance is a brand new DeFi project, which improves the function of Yearn Finance (YFY) in order to provide users with considerable asset income.

The platform is based on the ERC-20 protocol and is known as one of the most promising projects that can increase the annual rate of return (APY) of cryptocurrencies stored in the DeFi system.

The platform allows users to mortgage, farm, borrow and sign loan agreements in a safe environment, thereby providing them with high returns.

How do you join the pre-sale?

If you are sure that the Yearnify service is what you need, then you will need to obtain its token as soon as possible. The supply of the platform is limited, only 29,000 yen, which can be distributed to users, and the last round of pre-sales has begun.

In order to obtain their tokens, you just need to connect your Metamask and buy them with ETH. If you do not have an account on Metamask, please follow the instructions here.

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Is it worth it?

Think about it this way: Yearnify’s token is already listed on large trading platforms such as Uniswap or Kucoin, which means it should reach a price of $3,200 before the end of the year. This means yes, it is definitely worth buying them now at a much lower price.

Craving ecosystem

In short, Yearnify is a safe single-yield agriculture platform designed to provide YFY holders with the opportunity to benefit from all ecosystem platforms.

These platforms not only support YFY tokens, but also stable tokens such as USDT, TUSD or DAI. In addition, they have everything you need to start a DeFi adventure with your right foot:

The possibility of staking your tokens for profit;

Profitable agriculture and loan options can ensure an annual interest rate of up to 29%;

Smooth transactions through Yearnify SWAP;


Quickly understand token economics

If you are naturally curious and want to know how Yearnify allocates its 29,000 YFY supply, please list the following information below:

Token type: ERC-20
Token symbol: YFY
Token name: Yearnify Finance
Contract: 0xb9ae6fe574982e891666a5b1c2b33e79eb5dabb5
Total supply: 29,000 fiscal year
Distribution supply: 12,000 yen
Uniswap initial working capital: 9,000 yen
Pre-sale year: 8,000 years
Team token: 500 years
Market and development: 2,000 years
Airdrop: 8,000 yen

Final thoughts

Decentralized finance is now a hot topic, and if you want to join the movement, you will consider this suggestion. Yearnify not only provides you with security and various rewards, but also freely choose the way to use cryptocurrency.

Having said that, please stay tuned and follow the project on the website and Telegram channel. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact

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