Stadia entered Android TV on June 23, and since then, more than 50,000 people have downloaded the app from the Google Play store. Google announced in early June that the first version of its game streaming service Stadia will enter Chromecast along with Google TV and a few other devices (such as Nvidia Shield TV, Xiaomi Mi Box models, etc.). According to reports, the application was soft-launched on June 21, when only users were allowed to preload.

Stadia is Google’s game streaming subscription service. It has a growing library of games. As long as users have a stable Internet connection, they can play games on a variety of devices. It does not require powerful hardware to run games, because the local device only needs to stream them and the processing is handled by the remote data center. The Stadia app entered Android TV on June 23 and soft-launched on June 21. In less than two weeks, the app has been downloaded more than 50,000. This number may be between 50,000 and 99,999. Reddit user TruthOvercomesLies first noticed this development.

Using Stadia directly on Android TV, you only need a compatible controller to play more than 180 games without plugging in any external devices or consoles. To do this, go to the Google Play store on Android TV, download the Stadia app for Android TV, open it, and choose Continue on the opt-in screen.

The first version of Stadia is for Chromecast and Google TV, Hisense Android Smart TV (U7G, U8G, U9G), Nvidia Shield TV, Nvidia Shield TV Pro, Onn FHD Streaming Stick and UHD Streaming Device, Philips 8215, 8505 and OLED The 935/805 series of Android TVs, as well as the Mi Box 3 and Mi Box 4 models. Other devices can choose experimental support to try Stadia, almost all Android TV devices can download the application to try.

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