Google welcomes the spring of this year with a colorful doodle with animated hedgehogs, flowers and leaves. In 2021, spring in the northern hemisphere begins on March 20 and ends on June 21. Following winter and last summer, spring is the season when the flora of the earth blooms and flourishes-as marked by cute animated graffiti. In hilly areas, spring is also marked as the time when snow begins to melt and ground temperature rises.

Google welcomed the first day of spring 2021 (called the vernal equinox) on Saturday and displayed animated doodles on its homepage. There are hedgehogs on the graffiti, depicting the peak season.

Unlike the traditional spikes on the back, the animated hedgehog in Google’s doodles has bright flowers, buds, and leaves, representing the blooming spring.

Once the Google Doodle is clicked, users will see search results for the term “spring” on various web pages.

According to meteorologists, in the spring, the temperature becomes moderate because the tilt of the earth’s axis relative to the sun increases, causing the length of sunlight on the earth to increase. It is also called rebirth and revival.

The vernal equinox happens when the sun moves from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere when it passes the equator. During the spring equinox, the length of day and night are roughly the same.

Earlier, Google ushered in a special graffiti for 2021 to commemorate New Year’s Eve. It features an animated cuckoo clock, which will play until until the clock strikes until the end of 2020. The search giant described the New Year’s Eve graffiti as: “This is the year of the cuckoo, but the bell for 2020 is ticking. The countdown starts now, when the bell strikes to midnight, the new year will unfold.”

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