The Spotify app will be launched soon in Hindi. In Monday’s online-only Stream On event, Spotify announced that Hindi is part of a wave of 36 new languages ​​that will join Spotify, as are Romanian and Swahili. As the arrival date of Hindi localization has not yet been determined, Spotify UI will support more than 60 languages ​​in total. Hindi will be the last major language to join the competition. Currently, Spotify supports English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian and Japanese.

Spotify’s adoption in Hindi has taken about two years, much faster than its four and a half years of video streaming Netflix, which provides Hindi UI in India. In this way, it not only surpasses local competitor JioSaavn, but also aligns with international competitor Apple Music. Of course, if you want to use Hindi, Gaana will lead the department and speak Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhopuri, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam Support is provided in Malay, Marathi and Gujarati.

Since its launch, although Hindi music has been available on Spotify, lyrics cannot be used in Hindi. Despite the fact that Spotify’s lyrics partner (the streaming service is not directly responsible for the lyrics), the lyrics app Musixmatch provides a catalog of song lyrics with Hindi translations (reportedly available on JioSaavn). Maybe once the Spotify app is localized in Hindi, it can also start to include lyrics to Hindi songs. Of course, despite being localized, most song titles will still be in English.

Spotify is about to be launched in Hindi.

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