Spotify leapt into the “story” trend with Spotify Clips. In the online-only Stream On event on Monday, Spotify announced that Spotify Clips (ie Snapchat and Instagram Stories) will provide these content on the Spotify artist page and enable them to connect with fans in new ways. The release of the ever-expanding “story” (a way of temporarily sharing photos and videos, usually 24 hours) on various platforms has become a joke-it can be used even on LinkedIn (why?), this is natural/ The inevitable Spotify also wants to enter the “story”. Spotify Clips is currently being tested.

Of course, unlike other platforms, Spotify Clips will behave very differently-not everyone can use it. Listeners, people like you and me, will not share their “story”. Instead, only selected creators with a Spotify for Artists page can upload photos and videos to Spotify clips. In addition to the Stream On event, Spotify also announced that since the launch of the world’s largest music subscription service in the South Asian market two years ago, more than 10,000 Indian artists have applied for Spotify for Artists profiles.

This is what Spotify Clips looks like
Image source: Spotify

“Stories” are basically aimed at daily active users of the growing platform. Instagram revealed in 2019 that 500 million users check out Instagram Stories every day. This raises an interesting point: Why don’t fans just keep up with their favorite artists on the already existing Instagram without opening another app? Maybe there is exclusive content. Spotify hopes that artists can do just that-prompt people to come to Spotify Clips and then stay and play some songs.

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The Swedish-based music giant announced in early February that Spotify now has more than 345 million monthly active users and more than 155 million paying users worldwide.

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