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Spider-Man: The official title of “Spider-Man 3” is “Homecoming”

Spider-Man: No Homecoming-This is the official title of the upcoming Spider-Man 3, star Tom Holland revealed in an Instagram video on Wednesday. The new actual titles come from three fake titles taunted by the protagonist of Spider-Man: No Way Home (Spider-Man: Phone House, Spider-Man: Family Slice and Spider-Man: Family Wrecker) Tuesday. The excitement of these titles is an obvious gift. This may be a mockery of the film’s multiverse concept, and a dunk to the Dutch tendency to leak things (Instagram video is also very interesting). But frankly, the new title is not that good, as many people have pointed out.

The first photo of Spider-Man 3 is released to troll fans with three titles

The main problem is that Sony Pictures and Marvel Pictures are doing their best to maintain the title of “Spiderman” in the Netherlands. In terms of value, the first two are good. The independent reboot series began in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, to the sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, which came out in 2019. The Berlin Avengers in “Captain America: Civil War”-the ending of the movie is the end of the return home dance, which is the tradition of the American high school era. “Far from home” is because Parker found himself in Europe far away from home.

I’m sure that “Spider-Man: Homeless” also has no reason for the narrative, and it may once again hint at the idea of ​​the multiverse. According to reports, the Dutch “Spider-Man 3” will involve Jamie Fox’s “Electric” in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and Alfred Molina’s “Eight Claws” in 2004 “Spider-Man 2” Doctor, and there will be guest appearances in previous Spider-Man: Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Holland’s Parker, along with his girlfriend MJ (Zendaya) and best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon), is likely to find himself traversing the multiverse-unable to find a way home that will not lead to their death or similar reasons. But “No Way Home” is not a fascinating title, it does promote the “home” nickname.

Spider-Man: The homeless video reveals the last point, showing us a whiteboard full of title suggestions. One of them said “webcam”, and the comment next to it said “home is needed” (and “keep PG!”)-so this is official and there can be no “home” in the Dutch Spider-Man movie. it. There are other suggestions on the whiteboard, and fans have jokingly made some suggestions in the past few months-with notes. Home alone? “Copyright issue.” Staying at home? “Stop. Hard pass.” Zoom in on the homepage? “Please stop.” Working from home? “Please don’t.” Want to go home? “We are already there.” Family world? “Boring.” No place like home? “Registered trademark.” Homemade? “Too cute.” Home, sweet home? “Total.” Self-taught? “Aunt May said no.”

Spider-Man: Homeless is scheduled to be released in cinemas around the world on December 17. Holland’s Instagram video doesn’t say that, it just says “This Christmas”.

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