“Spider-Man 3” won three first photos and three titles of three stars Tom Holland, Zandaya and Jacob Batalon, namely “Spider-Man: Home of the Phone” and “Spider “Man: Family Movie” and “Spiderman: Family Wrecking”. . If you want to know why a movie has three titles, it’s because Sony Pictures and Disney’s Marvel Studios are obviously playing with the audience (just look at those funny titles, it can’t be true). They also apparently played roles in the film’s multi-drive plot, which will reportedly allow Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to replay their Spider-Man roles, as well as return villains in Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus.

Holland, Batalon and Zendaya announced one by one the first three official images (and three ridiculous titles) of the still unnamed Spider-Man 3 on their Instagram accounts on Tuesday-the sequel to Spider-Man 3-2019 “Spider-Man: Far From Home” in 2015. . All three images are composed of all three Spider-Man 3 stars who posted them. The photos are all related, and the stars are wearing the same clothes (Zendaya and Batalon put on their jackets in two photos and take them off in the third.) The photos of Spider-Man 3 are all placed in some kind of basement. .

As for the title, the term “Spiderman” comes in three different colors: green, silver and magenta. These colors may mean something, suggesting other “Marvel Cinematic Universe” characters that may be involved in “Spider-Man 3”, or they are just an extension of the studio (Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios), which further attracts Fans. Many people expected the Netherlands to clear the title confusion of “Spider-Man 3” when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show on Tuesday, but he did not. But this is always impossible, because the news of Spider-Man always comes from Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, which is broadcast on ABC, which is owned by Disney.

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Spider-Man 3 is scheduled to be released in cinemas around the world on December 17. Three MCU movies were arranged before this: Black widow (May 7), “The Legend of Shangzhi and the Ten Rings” (July 9) and Everlasting (November 5). Whether they stick to the release date depends on the COVID-19 vaccine vaccinations.

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