NASA said on Friday that two NASA astronauts who are preparing to take SpaceX’s new space taxi will implement a plan to help empty-handed crews on the International Space Station for more than a month instead of a week. .

The launch is scheduled to start from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 27 and will arrive at the International Space Station the next day. The mission is SpaceX’s first manned space shuttle, marking the company’s high-altitude test, after which NASA can prove its Crew Dragon capsule for regular flight.

Since the termination of the space shuttle program in 2011, the space shuttle veterans Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will be the first astronauts to be launched from the United States.

The expansion of this mission allowed Hurley and Benken to help replace the station’s batteries. This mission requires a space walk, and the current US resident on the International Space Station, Chris Cassidy, cannot do it alone. This task.

Both astronauts accepted the mission extension, and Hurley said the mission could last one to four months.

“I think it was in the summer, and I hope that on the May 27 launch date, we just had a good time so that my son can perform tasks more closely than when he was in school,” Bacon said.

SpaceX and Boeing have received a total of US$7 billion (approximately 530 billion rupees) in funding to establish an independent passenger transportation system under the Commercial Crew Program, which is NASA’s flagship activity to use the private sector to perform ISS missions and deter Russia Reliance on the Soyuz rocket.

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NASA Administrator Jim Bradenstein said on Friday: “We are currently providing minimal support to the base.” “In the absence of Behnken and Hurley, otherwise we may delay this operation until Until more NASA crew members are available.”

NASA ISS project manager Kirk Shireman told reporters on Friday that the agency will depend on the speed at which SpaceX can complete preparations for the next space capsule for Hurley and Behnken mission deadlines.

Due to the delay in the development of SpaceX and Boeing aircraft, NASA has expanded its dependence on Russia, forcing the space agency to purchase additional seats on the Soyuz rocket to transport more astronauts to space.

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