The protagonist Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) realized the soul he has been waiting for all his life-the new Pixar movies on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. Literally, these were his words, not mine, but Joe was not as happy as he expected. The soul is also unexpected. Once a is set in most movies, it will bring new values ​​to let the heroes embark on a journey where they encounter obstacles before reaching their destination. But the soul took a step and questioned all the questions. How much is this trip worth? In order to achieve this goal, what are you willing to give? What if we head towards the wrong destination? In other words, the soul is interested in thinking about the meaning of life-this is the biggest problem among all people.

This is particularly ambitious for animated films, but Pixar has never escaped the challenge. And there are the right people to help solve this problem: Pete Docter, who directed “Inside Out” (similar to an ambitious film that tells the importance of all emotions), Up (handling death) And dealing with grief) and Monsters, Inc.. (Use fear as a parent). Docter also wrote Soul with Kemp Powers (also co-director) and Mike Jones. Regarding the fine line between passion and being consumed, the soul has something interesting to say. How society combines passion with goals, which leads some people to pursue goals wholeheartedly without caring about those around them, while others completely useless.

We are often told that if we have no purpose in life, then we are worthless. The soul resolved this idea. It says that life is not just about pursuing our own ambitions, but our is to help others in their journey, inspire them and become a positive force. From the opposite perspective, the soul says that what people say affects us, affects us and may limit us. We need to be with those who empower us instead of letting us down, find people who believe in you and push you, and not teach you how to live. Words can penetrate into people’s hearts, just like the later scenes in “Soul”, preventing us from living the life we ​​want and becoming who we should be. The purpose is a normal life, which is the exciting part.

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The ten best movies of 2020, including “Soul”

The soul begins with Joe, a middle school band teacher, who is not satisfied with his career and not satisfied with it. This is why he was not happy when he held a permanent position in school. This is not what he imagined. Joe originally to be a jazz pianist on tour, but his major breakthrough never came. One day, his former student, Questlove, suddenly and unexpectedly filled a vacancy at a concert of the famous fictional jazz musician and saxophonist Dorothea Williams (Angela Bassett). When Joe was fascinated by the opportunity, Joe impressed Dorothea with his surprising solo, and she asked him to go back to rehearse later that day. Excited, Joe got rid of the shackles of his surroundings and sank into the empty drain.

The hub leading to the hospital becomes a clue to the metaphysical story of the soul spinning. Joe found that he had reached a place outside the movie “Heaven”. There, he panicked and tried to escape-surprisingly, no more panicked like Joe-but eventually managed to fall into “The Great Before”, where he was told that it was where the soul reached the earth. There they have their own individual body. Joe was accidentally selected as the mentor of Soul 22 (Tina Fey, who wrote some of her own lines), and had been influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, and Muhammad Ali. , Nicolaus Copernicus, the guidance of Marie Antoinette and Carl Jung, but still remain in “The Great Before”. This caused some great jokes on Soul.

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The 22-year-old has no intention of living on earth, which in turn led to her dull attitude of doing nothing everywhere. However, after Joe revealed his true identity, the situation changed. Then, with the help of 22, Joe made a plan to return to Earth and enter his body, while 22 was on the plane, because it meant that she could stay happily before the Great. The 22-year-old is very happy to be trapped in a difficult situation.

Daqian was imagined as a comic theater full of wise and stupid managers. They are called Jerry (voiced by Alice Braga and Richard Ayoade and others), and they speak very calmly. They are all very friendly, but still joking with the companions of The Great Beyond, especially some Terry (Rachel House) who keeps the soul count. After Joe escaped from “Great Transcendence”, Terry began to investigate the souls of the missing by viewing all the souls that had existed in alphabetical order. This joke is obviously aimed at the bureaucracy, but what is shocking is that Beyond the League has not developed a better system than this.

From Soul to Superwoman 1984, broadcast in December

22-year-old Joe was with 3 Jerrys, and Terry in Soul
Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

The soul uses the simplest method to make the animation of “The Great Front”. The soul only represents spots and has no obvious characteristics. Their immortal guardian (Jerius) only outlines the outline through the outline, and has a soothing blue-green color. The background score of the movie has been increased to adapt to the new environment. Jon Batiste’s jazz composition and arrangement no longer exist, replaced by the extraordinary combined scores of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross , Which shows curiosity and mystery. During the transition to “The Great Before”, Soul’s visual effect took a bold leap, as the lines on the screen kept beating to match the rhythm.

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This courage is also reflected in the almost black dubbing of the film, which is the first work of a Pixar film. In addition to Fox, Questlove, Bassett, and Ayoade, Soul also has the voices of Phylicia Rashad (Joe’s mother), Daveed Diggs (Joe’s Avenger) and Donnell Rawlings (Joe’s barber). In addition, it is also very diverse. The aforementioned Braga are Brazilians, House has Maori descent, and Native American star Wes Studi (Wes Studi) is also involved. The soul is not that diverse behind the scenes (co-director Powers is black, but everyone else is white). More importantly, it interacts with black culture by focusing on jazz and centering on the black experience, but it is also common elsewhere because it affects the mother-child relationship, or the father-daughter between Joe and 22.

What movies sometimes lack is to convey instant pleasure and true transcendence. That is, it does bring some passion for survival, such as “You can’t crush a soul here. This is life on earth.” Although it may not be able to touch the climax of Docter’s “From the Inside”, it still It is a delightful play, willing to ask such big questions about its characters (and the audience) and subvert the tried and tested narrative structure. Due to Disney’s commission, Pixar has been busy making sequels and prequels (“Toy Story 4”, “Incredibility 2”, “Car 3” and “Finding Nemo”), but unfortunately, recent original works have not So good (the “Go and Good” dinosaurs, although Coco is better), but with a soul, Pixar is close to its best.

Soul announces on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. 1:30 PM Indian Standard Time.

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