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Smart Route Planner – Features & Intelligence

We all want our cars to have a remarkable feature that tells us the best route with the least amount of traffic. Well, Nissan’s Smart Route Planner is just for that!

When you’re stuck in traffic, you want your car to be able to by analyzing the best route and get you to your destination as early as possible. The good news is that the Smart Route Planner feature makes this possible!

This nifty feature in your car might not magically unblock traffic, but it will ensure you’re on the least congested routes. not this! You can enter information about your destination or stop and the route planner will it in your course!

Are you excited to learn what else Smart Route Planner can do and how it works? In this case, let’s get started now!

What is Smart Route Planner?

Smart Route Planner is a that can power your journey. You can set your destination while looking up ratings and information such as hours of operation, location, and more.

The route planner will real-time information to guide you to the most suitable route until you reach your destination. It collects data such as the vehicle’s remaining battery charge, distance to destination, availability of charging points, and traffic conditions along the route.

The planner will also let you know where you can charge your vehicle. Additionally, it uses a smartphone app to set the destination, air conditioning temperature, departure schedule, and more. Once inside the vehicle, you will feel comfortable. The route planner supports a comfortable and stress-free journey! Not only navigation but smart route planner can increase the overall comfort of your trip.

How does the Smart Route Planner feature work?

Smart Route Planner uses Google for location searches just like any other navigation tool. The system uses Google to traffic information to suggest a faster and congestion-free route.

It will also take into factors such as the vehicle’s remaining battery percentage, the difference in slope between streets, and more to calculate the total distance. If you need to charge the car, it will automatically indicate that the charging point is on the road.

You can even find cafes, businesses, public places, gas stations, and more. Often, vehicles with smart route planners also have a dedicated smartphone app. Using this app, you can set air conditioning settings, departure schedule stops and destinations in advance.

Avoiding traffic jams while commuting within the city is now easier with the help of the smart route planner.


If you want to have a comfortable and stress-free journey, trust the smart route planner!

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