Press release. cleverThe fully decentralized financial protocol aims to bring more liquidity and additional value to its ecosystem by supporting the listing of its local CLVA token on the popular decentralized trading platform Uniswap.

Uniswap lists the next stage of the smart ecosystem

The listing will be held on March 17, marking the next phase of Clever DeFi’s roadmap. Clever DeFi has just concluded its minting phase, which lasted for 30 days, during which investors can purchase CLVA tokens at the lowest price available.

The 30-day initial minting phase ends at 12:00 UTC on March 3, 2021, and users spend 726,50 ETH to mint 339,927 CLVA tokens. In order to achieve sufficient liquidity pool matching on Uniswap, another 152,967 CLVA was minted from the “Smart Agreement”, which is equivalent to 45% of the existing mint.

Smart DeFi will implement a strict listing liquidity schedule to protect users and achieve better price stability.

The timetable for the following 3 cycles will begin on March 17th:

Cycle 1: Increased fluidity by 31%.

Cycle 2: Increased liquidity by 8%.

Cycle 3: Increased fluidity by 6%.

In the absence of key access, all increased liquidity will be locked within a 12-month fixed time cloud security time. Similarly, before Uniswap is listed, the initial listing price will be set using the median average calculated based on the sum of all transactions throughout the casting phase.

The listing price on the first day will be pegged to at least 0.0025 eth:1 CLVA, and active trading will begin through UniSwap on March 17, until CLVA / ETH A pair. Once listed on Uniswap, the CLVA token will be available to retail investors, who can purchase the token and store it in a wallet that supports ERC-20 (such as MetaMask).

Automated market makers such as the DeFi platform and Uniswap provide powerful opportunities to help overcome liquidity challenges. They do not need or only need lower listing fees, but their trading volume can be as high as top exchanges.

The clever team expects that the listing on Uniswap will make the project attract the attention of a large number of investors, which will promote the price of CLVA tokens. The Uniswap effect has caused the price of multiple Defi tokens to soar, and CLVA can benefit a lot from the listing.

The smart ecosystem continues to evolve

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Since its launch in the second half of 2020, Clever DeFi has developed rapidly due to its huge potential. Clever DeFi provides users with guaranteed benefits of holding their native token CLVA.

The interest mechanism has been embedded in its smart contract and is regularly allocated for 14 days. These intervals are programmed to require 888 cycles, which is equivalent to 34.5 years. In each cycle, automatic interest will be allocated to each Ethereum wallet address that contains CLVA tokens.

In the entire 888 cycles, in addition to the 0.1% maintenance fee, it will also create the largest total supply of 9,915,530 CLVA. CLVA token holders have no right to delegate their tokens or sign any contract to pay interest every two weeks. Users can also withdraw CLVA tokens at any time without paying fines or lock-in fees.

The Clever DeFi team also plans to expand its ecosystem through the recently concluded Clever DeFi Bounty event on March 2, 2021. It also plans to cooperate with industry stakeholders and projects.

In addition, there are plans for CLVA to be listed on other exchanges (including P2PB2B, CoinsBit, Hotbit, etc.). For more detailed information about Clever DeFi, please visit the website.

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