As every new parent knows, sleep disappears after a newborn is born.

This is indeed the case with parents Radhika and Bharath Patil. They sought to alleviate the effects of interrupted sleep patterns and put together their electronic engineering backgrounds to create a ” Smart crib”.

Their crib is driven by artificial intelligence, combining a baby monitor, rocking chair, cradle and crib into one.

Cradlewise CEO Radhika Patil said in an interview with Reuters: “It is not the amount of work around the baby that makes babies tired, but the lack of sleep.”

According to a recent study, new mothers lose an hour of sleep per night on average, and it may take up to six years to restore the level of sleep before pregnancy.

Patils is a Cradlewise smart crib built for their first child. It uses a patented silent rocking mechanism and a set of cameras to monitor the baby and transmit it in real time via a smartphone app.

Radhika Patil said: “So we have a baby monitor that can look at the baby and detect early signs of getting up. It also starts to rock.”

She said that early detection is key, and she added that the sooner parents find that the baby wakes up, the easier it is to put the baby to sleep.

The patrol uses AI to provide sensing functions. They say this enables parents to learn and record the baby’s sleep patterns and monitor breathing and body movements that indicate sleep disruption. It also records how much rocking the baby needs to fall asleep.

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The crib also has a music library, which can play music according to settings.

There is already a “smart” cradle on the market that can record sleep patterns and provide shaking for babies under 6 months. Patils’ smart crib includes a camera and is designed for children under 2 years of age. They hope that the products that can be ordered will be put on the market in late October at a price of US$999 (about Rs 73,130).

Bharath Patil said: “Once you put the baby in, the crib will take care of everything.”

Of course, the work of parents will never be completed.

He added: “Sometimes you need to intervene.” “Sometimes you need to change certain settings.”

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