On January 10, after more than ten years of inactivity, another weird string of 20 bitcoin block rewards was spent in 2010. Today, the consumption of Bitcoin with a history of more than 1,000 years has exceeded 39 million US dollars, which is the result of the recent transfer of 1,000 units on the 12th anniversary of the creation of Bitcoin.

Seven days ago, an old-school miner spent 20 block rewards from 2010, of which he held bitcoins about 1,000 years ago. The interesting expenditure occurred on January 3, 2021, the 12th anniversary of the launch of the Bitcoin network.

With the movement of a series of block rewards in 2010, on Friday, January 8, a block created on June 21, 2010 was spent at block height 665055, which may be different from the mysterious miner news. 2020. However, two days after the one-time expenditure, this mysterious miner seemed to reappear, spending 1,000 years of huge bitcoins, which were idle for ten years.

Sleeping Bitcoin transaction worth $40 million-the mysterious miner spent another 1,000 BTC from the 2010 block reward
Btcparser.com and the Russians grabbed today’s 1,000 bitcoin spending Researchers from @gfoundinshit team.

Exactly one week later, at 1:08 AM (Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, 20 block rewards were transferred to this shortened address “3Fwhd”. News.Bitcoin.com used the on-chain blockchain parser Btcparser.com, which once again captured the “sleeping bitcoin” movement on Sunday morning. Using today’s exchange rate calculations, the combined address once held 999.999 BTC or more than 39 million US dollars, and then sent the coins to multiple addresses.

Just like the previous string of 2010 block rewards transferred on Bitcoin’s 12th anniversary, these coins are divided into points of 10 BTC per address. As of press time, Bitcoin addresses holding 10 BTC (each worth about $395,000) are still unmoved and idle. In today’s process, similar to spending before 2010, these 10 BTC addresses will also be exhausted.

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Sleeping Bitcoin transaction worth $40 million-the mysterious miner spent another 1,000 BTC from the 2010 block reward
Today, theholyroger.com web portal also captures the $39 million consumption of coins 10 years ago, which shows the visual effect.

As usual, the mysterious miners also spent corresponding Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block rewards. Just like the last few string moves of block rewards in 2010, bitcoinsv (BSV) remains unused. Similar to the string of 20 blocks used in the previous ten years, today’s 1,000 Bitcoin transactions originated from blocks mined in August, September and October 2010.

Issak Shvarts, a blockchain researcher from Russia @gfoundinshit The team stated that he believes that “these bitcoins are now owned by the crypto exchange Coinbase.” “The assumption is based on a completely similar mechanism, which is to merge 1000 BTC (all seven cases found so far) and browse from the blockchain Cluster details oxt.me. This image is derived from the movement of 1,000 bitcoins on January 3, 2021. These bitcoins are owned by Coinbase, but now they may be sold partially or completely to new owners.

In addition to the analytical data captured by Btcparser.com, the web portal hosting “Satoshi Bags Tracker” also displays a visual view of the total expenditure in 2010. This special 1,000-coin payout is similar to the series of coins that moved from November 7 to 8, 2020, because the two 1,000-bit coin moves took place in two days.

There are many coincidences and circumstantial evidences that make our reporter believe that all 20-21 RMB rewards since 2010 came from the same entity. Collective rewards for miners or miners are all from the same month ten years ago, usually, the transfer occurs in the early morning (EST).

After splitting the previous 1,000 BTC spending, 10 BTC addresses saw the token spending a few hours later. The same pattern occurred in all other previous 2010 block reward payout strings. In addition, the corresponding Bitcoin (BSV) from the previous string spending remains unchanged.

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From the moment Satoshi Nakamoto was still spending time in the community, no matter who the old-school miner was, entities have accumulated a lot of collective rewards. As of 2021, starting in 2010, about 43 block rewards will be spent in the first week of the new year. In addition, since March 12, 2020 (also known as “Black Thursday”), this entity has spent a total of 7 expenditures since 2010.

What do you think of the 1,000 bitcoin payout received from the 2010 block reward today? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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