New York-based Skybridge Capital co-founder Anthony Scaramucci recently explained that this week’s Gametop fiasco is beneficial to the global cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Scaramucci’s statement came after the global investment manager’s recent involvement in the cryptocurrency economy, through exposure to cryptocurrencies worth more than $300 million.

The co-founder of Skybridge Capital said Gametop stock activity boosted the concept of Bitcoin

The recent Gametop stock legend demonstrated to the world the power of the combination of social media and financial technology. Meme lords, Redditors, Discord users, Twitter heads, 4chan trolls and many other Internet stalkers have caused major damage in the traditional financial world.’s recent share price on Gametop (GME) has skyrocketed, and this crazy mood has also flowed to other stocks such as AMC and Nokia.In addition, American-Canadian venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya and Tesla (Tesla) Elon Musk and many other popular entrepreneurs also joined Conversation.

This week, Skybridge Capital co-founder Anthony Scaramucci also discussed Gametop in an interview. Scaramucci said that retail traders have demonstrated the power of decentralized finance, and this influence has consolidated the leading crypto asset Bitcoin (BTC). Scaramucci also served as President Donald Trump’s Director of Communications for 11 days.

The era of micro investors

Scaramucci believes that recent stock market conditions confirm that the Bitcoin experiment will be successful. Just recently, Scaramucci’s Skybridge Bitcoin Fund made its debut when it “started a position, valued at approximately $310 million” at the time of its announcement.

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Scaramucci explained in a recent interview that the Skybridge Bitcoin Fund has approximately US$60 million, while the company’s exposure is approximately US$385 million. Speaking of this week’s GME stock fiasco, Scaramucci said: “This is the era of micro-investors, you better take it seriously, otherwise you will be taken to the hands of cleaners.”

He further said: “Gametop’s activities are more proof that Bitcoin will play a role.” “How will you beat the dispersed crowd? To me, this is more affirmation of decentralized finance.”

At the same time, as cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been cheering for the degradation of r/wallstreetbets, many subscribers have been discussing the possibility of using Silver to generate large-scale short-term tightening. A clue on r/wallstreetbets suggests that the power of the crowd may drive down the price of silver from $25 to $1,000.

The author of the u/jjalaj30 post wrote: “The price of silver adjusted for inflation should be at $1,000 instead of $25,”. “Why not compress SLV to the actual physical price? Consider revenue. If you don’t care about revenue, please consider a bank like JP Morgan, you will burn it all the way.” He added.

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