When Skate City arrived at Apple Arcade at the beginning of last year, we were amazed. Now it returns to the second run, but this time on the console. Does the transition make sense? The video game subscription service of the iPhone manufacturer brings a variety of different types of games-all free and without ads. In fact, “Skate City” was one of the first games I tried from the Arcade series, and I was pleasantly surprised. Skate City feels like a Zen endless runner, its touch screen controls are very easy to master, and the soothing combination of music and visual effects really make you feel at ease while playing games. Oslo developer Agens has introduced the game to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch and PC, but hopes that gamers will spend $15 (approximately Rs 1,100) for games that are basically casual skating games.

After trying Skate City on my PS4, it’s hard to understand why people want to do it. This is what you need to know about the game.

Skate City gameplay: casual at best

If you have played Skate City on Apple Arcade, then you will have a good understanding of what the console game expects-there are no significant differences between the two versions. For those who are unfamiliar, Skate City is a skateboarding game where you can control custom characters on the sidewalks of the hurdles and the squares of Los Angeles, Oslo and Barcelona. By default, Los Angeles will be available to you, and you can unlock the other two cities while playing the game.

For each city, you can choose “endless skateboarding” or challenge. In “Endless Skateboard”, you can browse the entire city map in an endless loop. You can score points by performing tricks. The Skate City control is also easy to pick up. You can perform various tricks, small movements and various classic skateboarding skills by flicking the left and right analog joysticks in different directions. On the PlayStation controller, clicking the cross (“X”) button will help you increase the speed, while holding down the circle (“O”) button to slide. While in the air, pressing the L1 or R1 shoulder button will make you rotate in the desired direction for more skill. Press the L2 or R2 trigger button to enter or exit the manual. To grind a nearby bench or track, all you need to do is jump into the air.

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If (and when) you are tired of “endless skateboarding”, you can choose from a series of challenges for each city. Challenges include “labeling” (in which you perform specific tricks prompted on the screen), “beach race” (competing with AI competitors) or “Los Angeles Police Department” (making tough police officers beat). The name of the challenge varies from city to city. For example, the LAPD challenge on the map of Los Angeles is called the high stakes table on the map of Barcelona. However, regardless of the nickname, the basic gameplay mechanics remain the same.

Like most other endless runners, the city of skating is easy to get started, and it will become harder and harder as you overcome challenges. But even if things get tough, you can still manage to master the game in a few exercises by arranging the action time correctly. Even “Super Mario Bros.” requires skill and time to perfect. this is not.

You can earn points through tricks and clearing challenges. These points marked “Skater Cash” (SC) can be used to purchase new hairstyles, T-shirts, shades and shoes for your character, as well as deck stickers, colorful wheels and skateboard custom trucks. Skater cash can also be used to unlock locations and special tricks, such as “Impossible” or “Benihana”. When playing Skate City, you can start recording at any time. After you stop recording, you can choose to sell the video to a “sponsor”, who will provide you with Skater Cash rewards based on how well your running “provides cool to the school”.

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It is not difficult to accumulate skater cash. After completing several challenges and goals in less than 3 hours, I was able to unlock Oslo and Barcelona. So far, Skate City has no microtransactions, you can only use the Skater Cash earned in the game to unlock things.

The graphics of the skating city: leaving a lot of desire

The Skate City on my iPhone screen looks beautiful. It immediately reminded me of Alto’s Adventure, another Zen player from Snowman, a skate city publisher. I hope that, driven by the graphics processing power of the PS4, games will look better on TV screens. Of course, PS4 is the previous generation product, but this is a mobile-first game with cartoon graphics that we discussed first. Disappointingly, since Skate City looks exactly the same on a mobile screen, the developers have not been able to improve it here. You’d better play Skate City-Apple Arcade for Rs on Apple TV. It comes with it. 99 per month.

In terms of its value, it is still a beautiful-looking game. The day/night cycle and overall palette are incredibly soothing. However, I hope Skate City can lay a solid foundation on Apple Arcade. But on PS4, it feels like playing any other mobile game projected on the big screen.

Unlike most other games, Skate City will not even prompt you to customize your character. So, in a sense, you can complete the entire game without even clicking a custom menu.

Skate City Review

Skate City is far from the greatest skate game. It lacks adrenaline-intensive gameplay and the beyond-realistic challenges found in the critically acclaimed and best-selling Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. It also lacks any faults and errors, which may have caused it to become a fanatical pursuit on Skate 3. It doesn’t even have online or offline multiplayer games, at least you can’t play games with friends. Alas, I can’t prove that the price of the game is around $15, especially when better games, such as the remastered Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 bundle, are more expensive.

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At its best, Skate City is just another casual endless running game. It is not enough for your challenge. It is not enough to motivate you to invest time and skills, it can only unlock some cosmetic changes. It does not encourage you to modify your skills, tricks or custom settings, because most of its challenges can be easily dealt with.

Skate City attaches great importance to leisure. If you have enough funds but don’t want to spend a lot of money on Apple TV, you can release it on the console and PC later this week to launch Skate City on the big screen. You may play some low-fidelity music in the background and enjoy relaxing visual effects. If it’s up to me to decide, I can directly start Tony Hawk’s Underground 2.


  • Smooth gameplay
  • Easy visual effects
  • No microtransactions


  • Not enough to motivate players
  • No multiplayer games
  • Not challenging enough

Rating (out of 10): 5

Skate City will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X on May 6.

If you pre-order Skate City before May 6, you can buy it at a discounted price of $9.99 (approximately Rs 750) on the Nintendo eShop and Epic Games Store. It will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store on May 6. A week after the release, the normal price of Skater City was US$14.99 (approximately Rs 1,100).

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