The creator of the price model stated that the price of Bitcoin has become parabolic and its value seems to be the same as the controversial stock circulation model (S2F).This week, the Twitter handle called “Plan B” said “Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow model [is] On the track…like a clockwork. “

Liquidity authors are confident in the S2F price model

As early as November 2020, reported on the popular but controversial stock market price model created by Plan B.At the time, Plan B said that he “without doubt thinks Bitcoin S2F is correct.” He also added: “Bitcoin will be [December] In 2021, in fact, I have new data to confirm that the supply shortage is real. IMO 2021 will be very spectacular. “Plan B emphasized two months ago.

Six-figure Bitcoin price: From stocks to cash flow creators say the BTC value model is “on orbit like a clockwork
On January 8, 2021, Bitcoin (BTC) stole $42k of proceeds per unit area.

During the sharp rise in the value of Bitcoin in recent weeks, Plan B reiterated his belief that the S2F model is still very useful.Thursday, popular Twitter account Tweet: “The Bitcoin stock-to-circulation model on the right track…just like a clockwork.” Plan B also shared a chart that shows the current price trend that the S2F model seems to follow.Also, plan B Said The Bitcoin’s “200WMA (weekly moving average) [is] Increase by 10% every month. “

Six-figure Bitcoin price: From stocks to cash flow creators say the BTC value model is “on orbit like a clockwork
The latest S2F model plan Plan B was shared on Twitter on Thursday.

In addition, the Twitter account is named “EconometricsAfter the halving, a tweet about the price of BTC was also released. “I know it’s still a few months away, but who else wants to know how close we will reach $286,000 in October?” Econometrics Tweet. After the tweet was posted, Plan B responded to the econometrics statement, Said: “Earn $288,000.” Another person talked about the S2F model and Tweet:

S2F denial on Twitter is a very interesting game, but what if someone takes action based on this recommendation and does not buy Bitcoin? Who will be responsible for this?

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Peter Schiff admits he missed Bitcoin’s gains

One person responded to S2F denial tweets, Said“It’s their own fault, because they don’t do their own research, but rely on the work of others. They will learn to be responsible for their own actions and hope to grow from experience.” After this track, Plan B also said:

Correct, [the] Both S2F and S2FX models are on track. The big question is, where does Bitcoin find a new balance, $100,000 or $288,000? By December 2021, we will know better.

Six-figure Bitcoin price: From stocks to cash flow creators say the BTC value model is “on orbit like a clockwork

At the same time, as Bitcoin (BTC) entered the $42k area on Friday, cryptocurrency opponent and gold bug Peter Schiff explained that he missed the huge gains of BTC.

“Although I missed the opportunity for Bitcoin to plummet from its 2020 lows, I did not miss the huge returns from other speculative investments,” Schiff Tweet on Friday. “For example, I have owned Delta Electronics in Thailand for many years. Today it is up 27%, which is 27 times the 2020 low. Compare the gains of Bitcoin, not the gains of gold,” Schiff added.

How do you think the inventory-to-flow (S2F) model of Plan B is on track as “clockwork”? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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