Press release. Singapore’s cryptocurrency exchange Bityard will launch its first trading competition before May 2021, with a prize pool of up to 60,000. Registration for each team captain’s competition is now open.

As the value of mainstream cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) has gradually increased, more and more investment institutions and large companies have poured into the cryptocurrency market.So far, there is no sign of the end of the Bitcoin bull market, and some people expect Bitcoin to be hit USD 400,000 this year. The continued bull market has also increased the number of active cryptocurrency investors, which is a good signal for many cryptocurrency exchanges.

Singapore-based cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bityard is about to launch its first global trading competition before May 2021, with a prize pool of up to 60,000 USDT, and competition registration for each team leader is now open on Bityard’s official website. Trading competitions initiated by cryptocurrency exchanges will improve the user acquisition of these exchanges and add a lot to the trading experience.

In addition, Bityard is not the first cryptocurrency exchange to initiate a trading competition.Last year, according to another large cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bybit Coinmarketcap, Held a large-scale competition-Grand Prix World Championship (WSOT), which attracted more than 12,000 global traders to participate.

This time, Bityard launched a trading game for global cryptocurrency investors (especially newcomers) to attract more people to participate in trading crypto assets. As the market continues to grow, more and more investment companies and retail traders will enter the industry, which will further inspire cryptocurrency exchanges like Bybit and Bityard to plan exciting trading activities for their users.

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