At the 2021 Bitcoin Conference in Miami, participants listened to the first telephone interview with Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht in the depths of the highest security prison in Tucson, Arizona. In the interview, Ulbricht talked about how Bitcoin and this decentralized encrypted asset “change the global economy.” According to the official Twitter account of Liberty Ross, Ulbricht was locked in a cave after answering the call.

Ross Ulbricht talks about Bitcoin in his first interview in prison

All attendees at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami this year heard Ross Ulbricht’s voice. The most recent interview was recorded by Bitcoin Magazine and was the first recorded telephone conversation since Ulbricht was arrested. Ulbricht talked about his experience of losing his freedom, noting that since his imprisonment, he has “watched Bitcoin grow up from here for the past eight years.”

On the phone, Ulbricht pointed out that he was around in the early stages of the Bitcoin network, when there were not many altcoins and forks. Ulbricht said that setting aside all this, he sees the crypto ecosystem as one big “family.” Through his lens in prison, Ulbricht elaborated that since his departure, he has seen many innovations in the cryptocurrency field. Ulbricht said:

I have seen incredible innovation. I saw inspiring courage. At first we didn’t know what Bitcoin would become, but over the years, I have been impressed by what you have achieved-we are changing the global economy. We have brought a taste of freedom and equality to all corners of the world. I know we can also change criminal justice.

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Ulbricht: “Bitcoin is very powerful. Bitcoin is very powerful. Our work is not over yet”

Ross Ulbricht’s case has been called “misjudgment,” and more than 250 organizations, celebrities, and global leaders have expressed support for Ulbricht. The creator of the Silk Road Market owns one of the largest petitions in the United States. So far, 433,845 people have signed the petition. The petition is seeking clemency for Ulbricht because his crimes were non-violent and his “investigations, trials, and sentences are full of abuse.” Ulbricht talked about the Silk Road in a phone call with Bitcoin Magazine. He said:

I want to use Bitcoin, I can try to do something that really makes a difference-at the time, I was very impatient. I rushed up with my first thought, which was the Silk Road… It was a 26-year-old man who thought he had to save the world before anyone could beat him. I don’t know the Silk Road will work, but now we all know it will become popular. It was used to sell drugs, and now I am in prison.

Ulbricht also said that it was ironic that he created the Silk Road because he wanted to further promote “freedom, privacy, [and] equality. “But what happened was that he “ends up in a place where these things don’t exist.” At the same time, he saw the great potential of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency participants, in general, because he believed that “Bitcoin is very powerful”.

“Bitcoin is strong. We are strong. Our work is not over yet,” Ulbricht emphasized. After the phone interview, Free Ross Twitter account Explain that Ulbricht was recently put into the hole.

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“Ross was imprisoned in SHU (aka’the hole’) after a telephone interview. [Bitcoin Magazine] On the air [Bitcoin 2021 conference] this weekend.Please keep Rose in your thoughts and prayers,” the account Tweet June 8.

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