Sony demonstrated the PlayStation 5 user interface through a video on its official YouTube channel. It is completely different from the PlayStation UI on the previous console. The video shows the “Control Center”, which can be accessed at any time by pressing the PS button on the controller and other areas (such as the home screen and the new screen). Card function. There is a row of cards in the control center, showing news, recent screenshots, game progress and more.

The video posted on YouTube’s official Sony PlayStation channel is a walkthrough of the new UI, and players will be able to experience it when the PlayStation 5 is launched in certain regions on November 12 and then in other regions of the world on November 19. The 11-minute clip starts when the console resumes from its “sleep” state and reaches where the user stopped. It displays the “Control Center” at the bottom, as well as the layout of the card and other options. These options allow immediate access to things such as returning to the home screen, checking notifications, friends who may be online, settings, etc.

Coming to the card, they showed the developer’s news story, screenshots of the game, and then the “activity” part that is more closely integrated with the game. This part aims to “eliminate obstacles in the game.” It displays the activities in the game and information about levels, achievements, etc. In addition, PlayStation Plus will be able to use the official game help in some PS5 games to provide players with tips on how to solve problems or tasks.

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The new user interface also allows players to see what their friends are playing and even watch their gameplay. It’s also easier to join a party and start a multiplayer game. Screenshots and videos can be captured at 4K resolution on PlayStation 5.

Next, the PlayStation 5 UI walkthrough will be displayed on the main screen, which has “simple and super fast access to what you need.” Games and media applications have their own separate labels. Each game has a center that contains more information about that particular game. Backward compatible PlayStation 4 games will also be able to use this feature. The PlayStation Store has been integrated into the system and is no longer an application. More information about the user interface will be shared in the coming weeks.

PlayStation 5 will be released in India on November 19. The Indian price of the console has not yet been announced.

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