Press release. AscendEX, BitMax (formerly known as BitMax), an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quantitative trading veterans, has announced its listing Display token (SHO) In a pair USDT / SHO April 28 1:00 pm UTC.

Showcase It is an NFT mobile application designed to support micro-influencers and fans. It provides a platform for content creators to create and sell limited edition tradable non-fungible tokens backed by their brand. These NFTs allow for decentralized ownership, ownership, transfer, provenance and authenticity of digital assets. As a platform, Showcase focuses on mobile-first design, legal integration, low-cost NFT, rare art NFT, user experience and social media integration.

On the Showcase platform, creators can design and edit custom artwork in the app, and then attach it to a unique NFT or “badge.” The limited edition badges are on the market, fans can buy them, and Showcase will pay the creators the proceeds. Buyers can display their newly-purchased badges in the showcase, or they can trade in the second-hand NFT market.

Showcase uses a custom ERC-1155 smart contract to store badge NFT data on the chain, allowing each badge to contain attributes with rich metadata, such as badge name, category, and description.

The SHO native token is an incentive measure designed to encourage users to contribute on Showcase and maintain the ecosystem. Additional SHO will be awarded to users on the Showcase platform based on their usage, activities and contributions. SHO token holders will be able to put SHO tokens on influencers. This allows them to obtain the original “OG” status, gain access to exclusive content created by influencers, and establish exclusive status with exclusive access rights in the Showcase app to purchase certain NFT badges.

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About AscendEX

AscendEx was originally established in 2018 and was originally named It is a leading encryption and digital asset financial platform that can meet the needs of professional and retail traders at the same time.Our venue provides point,futures, Margin trading with Stake out products It also combines the key elements of the DeFi field to establish a unique market structure for users. AscendEx is led by a team of Wall Street veterans who use the rigor of traditional markets to create a strong, safe and reliable experience for all participants; and a consistent source of liquidity for major products.

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About the show

Showcase is designed as a platform that allows content creators to create and sell

A limited edition tradable non-fungible token (NFT) backed by its brand.These NFTs allow

Used for decentralized ownership, transfer, provenance and authenticity of digital assets.

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