According to a report, on Christmas Day, Google Play and Apple’s App Store spent US$407.6 million (approximately Rs 298.8 billion) on global mobile applications. Record expenditures show an increase of 34.5% from the US$303 million (approximately Rs 22.21 billion) in 2019. Most of the Christmas spending was spent on mobile games, and Tencent’s “Glory of the King” became the leader in this category. In addition to mobile games, TikTok has also attracted a lot of consumer spending on apps.

According to a report released by the application analysis company Sensor Tower, global application spending for Christmas in 2020 increased by 17 percentage points over 2019, when spending increased by 17.7% year-on-year. Mobile games are the main force in the total spending on applications, which has increased by 27% this year, from $232.4 million (approximately Rs 1,702 crore) at Christmas 2019 to $295.6 million (approximately Rs 2,165 crore) this year.

Tencent Games’ “Glory of the King” spent more on Christmas than other mobile games. Sensor Tower said that the multiplayer online battlefield (MOBA) game received 10.7 million US dollars (approximately Rs 7,830 crore) in revenue. This is a year-on-year increase of 205.7% from the 3.5 million U.S. dollars (approximately Rs 2560 crore) on the same day in 2019.

In terms of non-gaming applications, consumers spent US$112 million (approximately Rs 8.2 billion), an increase of 59% from the US$70.5 million (approximately Rs 51.6 billion) in 2019. Sensor Tower said that total non-gaming spending compared with last Christmas, this year’s applications increased by 4.2%.

Entertainment is the category that generates the most revenue outside of games on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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“On the App Store, entertainment apps reached 19.3 million US dollars (approximately Rs 141.3 crore), accounting for 21.8% of all non-gaming spending. On Google Play, this category generated US$4.3 million (approximately 3.148 million rupees). Rupee), accounting for 18.5% of total revenue,” Sensor Tower pointed out.

TikTok ranks among the top consumers in terms of spending on apps other than mobile games, generating US$4.7 million (approximately Rs 34.42 crore) in revenue worldwide during Christmas. Interestingly, despite the existence of alternative short video sharing apps from Facebook and other technology companies in the market, TikTok’s popularity is still growing. Although TikTok faces widespread criticism of data security in regions including India, where the app is banned, and the United States, where the company is currently involved in legal battles, the growth has grown.

U.S. leads global spending
U.S. spending on apps during the Christmas season hit a record high, with consumers in the country spending nearly US$130 million (approximately Rs 9.52 billion). The analyst firm said that this was an increase of 38.7% from last year’s 93.7 million U.S. dollars (approximately 686 million rupees) and exceeded the global growth by 6 percentage points.

Like global spending, mobile games generate the most revenue in the United States. It reached 87.2 million US dollars (approximately 63.8 billion rupees), an increase of 26.4% from nearly 69 million US dollars (approximately 50.5 billion rupees) in 2019. On the other hand, spending on non-gaming apps in the United States increased by 72.2%, reaching $42.7 million (approximately Rs 31.2 billion) in revenue during the Christmas period and $24.8 million (approximately Rs 1.81 billion) last year.

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On Christmas Day, Entertainment also led the US non-gaming app spending with US$9.6 million (about Rs 70.28 crore) in revenue.

Sensor Tower said that online gaming platform Roblox ranks among the top in total gaming spending in the United States. Consumer spending increased from US$4.7 million (approximately Rs 34.4 million) to 46% this Christmas, from US$4.7 million (approximately 4832 thousand). Ten thousand rupees) to 6.6 million US dollars (approximately 4,832 crore rupees). ) last year. Disney+ became the most expensive non-gaming app for consumers in the United States, generating $2.6 million (approximately Rs 19.03 crore) in revenue, an increase of 44.4% from the $1.8 million (approximately Rs 34.4 million) in 2019.

Apple’s App Store occupies a large part
Globally, Apple’s App Store attracts most of the spending on Google Play. It received 68.4% of total application spending of US$278.6 million (approximately Rs 203.9 billion), a year-on-year increase of 35.2%. In contrast, Google Play’s revenue was US$129 million (approximately Rs 9.44 billion), a year-on-year increase of more than 33%.

Sensor Tower said that by November 2020, consumer spending on the App Store and Google Play Store totaled US$100 billion (approximately Rs 7,322,250 crore). This is due to the fact that many applications reached new heights in the mid-2009 Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on digital consumption.

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