The anarchy of cryptocurrency (focusing on decentralization) has so far not had any regulatory agencies. But sooner or later it must adopt a certain standard, because when funds enter and exit the traditional financial system from the blockchain, there must be some kind of compliance. This is the problem Sekuritance aims to solve.

Sekuriance: One-stop compliance and regulatory shop

Sekuritance is a unique project in RegTech that can help the blockchain environment get closer to the mainstream. The new platform provides a wide range of services in one place, enabling any user to ensure regulatory compliance, monitoring procedures and inquiries. This is useful for both individuals and institutions.

Any user can use Sekuritance for end-to-end cyber risk assessment, blockchain wallet address check, card processing MFA check, CECL, FCPA and AML/CTF operations. In other words, this is a single platform that can bring respect to any blockchain operation with just a few clicks.

The construction of the new platform considers security, flexibility and scalability. The internal engine includes multi-dimensional risk and advanced overall screening.

The project includes SKRT, which is a cryptocurrency that will support enterprise-level regulatory compliance, enhanced security, and all other features in Sekuritance. SKRT is an ERC-20 token, which uses the consensus-driven mechanism in the blockchain.

The role of SKRT is to process and log data related to regulatory technology and verification services related to payment. Everything is done through the use of smart contracts. The company will soon join the ranks of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

Although there are many ways to solve compliance issues in blockchain, Sekuritance is unique in that its various services integrate compliance, fraud and transaction monitoring, and anti-money laundering verification into one roof.

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The technology is not linked to any specific blockchain, so it has nothing to do with blockchain. This means that it can work on any public protocol as well as private or restricted protocols. Ethereum, Bitcoin or Hyperledger makes no difference to SKRT.

Therefore, compliance with regulations is Sekuritance’s main task, but there is more. Data tokenization, forensic analysis, MPI services, active transaction monitoring and 3D registration are mixed together. In addition, it also enhances the user’s KYC profile.

For potential users and customers, it is better to consider third-party customization from the beginning to allow rapid and widespread adoption.


Sekuritance is one of many much-needed blockchain projects to push cryptocurrency to the real world.

Although there is no doubt that the field of encryption has inherent theoretical potential, its practicality is still limited by the lack of correct technology and ideas. These technologies and ideas cannot turn a good idea into a series of good solutions to daily problems. Everyone It can be used as a solution. It’s as easy as checking the weather on a mobile phone. Politeness seems to be a step in the right direction because it helps bridge this gap.

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