In a document registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the giant global investment company Skybridge Capital explained that the Skybridge G II fund may invest in digital currencies such as Bitcoin. On November 13, the New York-based company managed $7.7 billion in assets and told U.S. regulators that Tianqiao Investment Fund “may hold long and short positions in digital assets.”

Skybridge Capital, another well-known wealth management institution with assets under management of more than $7.7 billion, told the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday that it may invest in digital assets such as Bitcoin. The SEC document discusses the company’s overall assessment and includes a large summary of how Covid-19 affects the economy. Skybridge is deeply buried in the pages of certain assets, derivatives, ETFs, ETNs and other investment tools, pointing out that G II funds may enter the cryptocurrency economy through countless angles.

Scaramucci's billion-dollar super hedge fund Skybridge may have a place in Bitcoin

The fund not only stated that it “may hold long and short positions in digital assets,” but Tianqiao may also invest in other types of cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin (BTC). The document even emphasized that digital assets “may decline rapidly, including to zero.” Even so, Skybridge can still invest in other areas of the cryptocurrency field, such as crypto companies.

“[Skybridge] Investment funds can also invest in company securities related to digital assets or digital asset technologies (including digital asset miners, payment technologies, digital security or encrypted trading exchanges) in whole or in part, or directly or indirectly contact emerging technologies in other ways”, SEC The document states.

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Scaramucci's billion-dollar super hedge fund Skybridge may have a place in Bitcoin

In a similar way, Skybridge told regulators that just like the chance of the price of crypto assets falling to zero, some of the companies the fund invests in may be “quickly eliminated by newer and more disruptive technological advancements”. At the end of the documentary statement regarding digital assets, Skybridge told the US Securities and Exchange Commission that the company fully understood that “the regulatory landscape for digital assets has not yet been defined and is developing rapidly.”

The Skybridge filing said: “The regulation of digital assets may be very different in regions outside the United States or between U.S. federal, state, and local jurisdictions, and there is great uncertainty.”

Skybridge Capital was established in 2005 Anthony Scaramucci, Brett Messing, Raymond Nolte and Troy Gavsky. Scaramucci recently discussed digital currencies in an interview and explained that when he returned to Skybridge in 2018, “[the company did] In-depth understanding of the field of digital assets. “

“I am a fan,” Scaramucci explained. The managing partner said: “I believe that digital assets have a future, and blockchain clearly has a future.”

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