Samsung Blockchain Wallet will now be able to manage and trade cryptocurrencies from third-party hardware wallets through updates on compatible Galaxy smartphones. Galaxy smartphone users will also be able to learn about the latest trends in the cryptocurrency system through dedicated news feed applications from leading news media. Blockchain wallets already support Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

The update of Samsung’s blockchain wallet has been announced on its news website. The content of this version is: “Support for hardware wallets provides a consistent user experience for the Galaxy Blockchain, allowing you to manage encrypted assets from one convenient location. In addition to the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, Galaxy smartphones can now be connected to hardware wallets, including Ledger Nano S and Ledger NanoX.”

As mentioned earlier, since Samsung launched the Galaxy S10, it supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC tokens, Tron (TRX) and TRC tokens. It also allows Galaxy users to explore decentralized applications or DApps that use blockchain technology to verify the exchange of digital assets (aka cryptocurrencies).

Samsung claims that it will use its defense-grade Samsung Knox security platform to ensure the security of its blockchain transactions. The press release states: “The private keys used for cryptocurrency and DApps are encrypted and stored in an area isolated from the main operating system, called Samsung Blockchain Keystore.” “This information is further protected by a secure processor and can only be provided by providing assets Access by the owner’s PIN or fingerprint.”

The South Korean tech giant will allow developers to use the Samsung Blockchain SDK to access its blockchain ecosystem. The statement said: “Developers can build DApps to easily generate, store and manage blockchain accounts, and use APIs dedicated to each ledger system to process transactions.” “It also provides APIs that enable DApps to use third parties The hardware wallet securely signs the transfer of virtual assets.” To learn more about Samsung’s blockchain wallet and the Galaxy blockchain ecosystem, please visit Samsung’s website.

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