Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) has signed an order to force government officials to disclose the cryptocurrency they hold. The order stipulates that employees must submit detailed information about the location and value of digital assets to be purchased by June 30, 2021.

Similarly, according to the document signed on November 10, the children and spouses of government employees must also disclose the digital assets they hold. At the same time, as part of the new requirements that also apply to citizens applying for public office, Russian government officials requested that:

The name of the indicated digital financial asset (if it cannot be determined, it indicates the type and scope of the right certified by the issuer of the digital financial asset). In addition, staff can also report digital rights, including digital financial assets and other digital rights.

In addition, the order also instructs workers to provide the government with detailed information about the investment platform they use. At the same time, in addition to stipulating the requirement of “the only agreement to identify the digital rights of public utilities,” the decree also requires workers to “mark the name of the operator of the investment platform and its identification. (Taxpayer number and main national registration number.”

Before signing the latest order, the Russian president signed into law a bill giving cryptocurrency legal status in late July. Nevertheless, the measure still prohibits the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Therefore, the new order and the revised proposal submitted to the parliament (Duma) by the Ministry of Finance at the end of November seem to be a continuation of this position. In fact, the latest measures and efforts of the Russian government reaffirmed to its workers the debts incurred by owning digital currencies.

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Picture Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons