Royal Enfield’s “whatever you want” is one of the biggest selling points of this iconic motorcycle-customizability. Royal Enfield motorcycles are very common on the streets and highways of India. No matter where you go, you can often hear the obvious roar of Royal Enfield engines. What makes Royal Enfield motorcycles particularly eye-catching is its simplicity and customization. You can quickly change almost everything according to your preferences and set it up as you wish. Now, in the age away from social, the company has introduced a method that does not require entering the showroom.

“Let you do it yourself” is a tool recently launched by Royal Enfield, which allows you to customize, configure and set up new Royal Enfield bicycles online, and even make reservations directly via the Internet. The tool is available online through the Royal Enfield website and the company’s official app for iOS and Android. I took a look at this new motorcycle configurator to see how it works.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 can be customized using MiY tools

Choose your Royal Enfield bike, accessories, etc.

Although the “Make It Yours” motorcycle configurator was originally launched only for Interceptor and Continental GT models (currently the most expensive motorcycle in the company’s series), it is now available for five of the six motorcycle models currently sold in India. Kind. These include the recently launched Meteor 350 and the popular Classic 350. The customization options depend on the bike you choose, but are generally divided into three categories-style, comfort and protection.

Depending on the model, these include better seats, oil and filler caps, engine and oil pan guards, silencers, rearview mirrors, and personalized badges. Each bicycle has a stock configuration, the basic parts are included in the cost, and any changes or additions will be charged. During the configuration process, all prices of the accessories and the overall road price of the location selected by the customer will be displayed.

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Through the customization process, you can see the bicycle 3D model with the selected color scheme and accessories. The model zooms in to show the exact appearance of a particular accessory when you choose, and you can move in all directions to appreciate your configuration and make any changes at the last minute. If you choose to fund the purchase of bicycles, you can also calculate EMI.

Once you have completed the configuration and selected any accessories related to warranty and maintenance, you can save them for later reuse, or proceed with the reservation, which will involve paying the reservation amount online and selecting the reseller to book. Cross the motorcycle-ideally close to where you are. At this stage, your order will be sent to the distributor, and the distributor will contact you to complete the full payment and order, and provide you with the location and delivery schedule of the selected model.

Royal Enfield, make it your app Royal Enfield

The app experience uses touch controls, while the website allows you to choose between touch or mouse navigation

The website is better, but you can also use your smartphone or tablet

There are two ways to access the “make yourself” motorcycle configurator, the “make yourself” website or the Royal Enfield app for Android and iOS. Depending on the device and platform you use, you will be able to control the configurator using a mouse/trackpad or touch controls. I personally like the large screen experience when using a laptop, but navigation using the trackpad is tricky and the overall experience is slow.

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It’s easier to use apps and touch controls, although the price of doing so is that the screen is much smaller and you can’t see changes on the laptop screen. However, the experience is slow, and it takes a few seconds for the configurator to apply all the changes and respond overall to touch or click commands. In any case, this is not terrible or unusable, but it can definitely be improved.

Should you use Make It Yours motorcycle configurator?

If you are buying a new Royal Enfield motorcycle, then the answer is yes. This is a good way to avoid unnecessary trips to the showroom before you have bought everything, and to set up all the information you need in a simple and simple way. This is a futuristic way to buy a new motorcycle, and it is very user-friendly, even if there are some errors in the system, it cannot be solved.

Even if you don’t want to finalize and pay for the booking amount online, you can save the configuration and check it out in the showroom later to save your time. You will also know exactly what to pay, so that the entire purchase process becomes as transparent as possible. The MiY configurator is a step in the right direction of car purchase and embodies the spirit of Royal Enfield’s customization in the best way.

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