Rocky (played by Tom Hiddleston) is a cosmic mistake, a character told him in the early days of the new Marvel TV show. In certain aspects, Rocky This series is also unexpected. Rocky In “Avengers: Endgame”, Loki escapes with Tesseract, after Iron Man and Ant-Man return in time to obtain one of the Infinite Gems, but fails to do so because the Hulk dislikes stairs. The writers of Endgame designed it all because they wanted to make Iron Man and Captain America go back in time. They need something that will keep Tesseract out of reach for the Avengers—and the god of mischief seems to be the obvious choice.There was no bigger plan at that time, but that pleasant accident made Rocky Happened as it is. Because even if he is still alive, this show cannot be performed with another Rocky.

Out of the endgame timeline, Rocky — The six-episode adventure will begin on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar on Wednesday, June 9 — to answer where Loki and Tesseract disappeared together: Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. As soon as he got there, the Time Police appeared on behalf of an all-knowing agency called the Jet Lag Administration. The shortened TVA is responsible for ensuring that no one deviates from the predetermined path set for them. This Loki should be taken as Asgard as a captive (then snowballing into Thor: The Dark World event). But his escape got him off track. TVA found him guilty of violating the “sacred timeline” and ordered him to “reset” (read: killed), even though Loki found an unlikely savior.

Enter Mobius (Owen Wilson), a TVA analyst and detective whose job is to hunt down time variants like Loki, who have deviated from their destiny and pose a risk to the sacred timeline. Mobius believes that Loki can help him catch the “particularly dangerous variants” he is looking for, which is why TVA detectives rescued the god of mischief from his imminent death. Mobius is also a self-proclaimed Loki expert, and now he has direct access to the source for the first time. But while Mobius knows Loki’s life well, the Rocky around 2012-through the Avengers-lacks his role growth in Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. He learned about his life through TVA, which was a series of shocks for him, especially when his life was completely different from what he imagined.

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All you need to know Rocky, The next Marvel series

After all, this variant of Loki-the “little god” Hulk that was smashed on the floor of the Avengers Mansion-is the grumpy and always scheming Loki we remember Thor And the Avengers. A person who tried to usurp Thor’s throne in Asgard and tried to take over the earth with the help of the Kitari.That’s why the event Rocky —His worldview, his intentions, and his relationship with TVA — only make sense in Loki’s current state. Although Mobius wants to know why Loki did this, the god of mischief is making his own new plan. The dynamics between Hiddleston and Wilson were the early core of the story-at least in the first two episodes I came across-a large part of it because the pair exemplified their roles well.

Further contributing to this dynamic is that Mobius is unaffected by Loki’s way—the god of mischief is powerless in TVA—and his perception of Loki about him or the organization he works for is undisturbed. This is someone who truly surpasses Loki’s “old cat” approach, as Mobius once described.This is also the fuel of some rich humor RockyIn addition to TVA’s bureaucracy—whether it’s the airport security atmosphere or the behavior of government offices—all contributed to this.When Mobius has a deep understanding of Loki’s behavior, it allows Rocky Really understand his character in an unprecedented way. Their interview is almost like a therapy course, even though it is more similar to psychoanalysis—the best kind of television that allows you to really dive into the character’s thoughts.

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Rick and Morty alumni Michael Waldron is the creator and lead writer Rocky, He also brought the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the philosophical space, and the dialogue between Loki and Mobius extended to the meaning of existence, time and so on. Hiddleston and Wilson shared a long and intense dialogue scene. In addition to the actors themselves, this is also the credit of the screenwriter—— Ms. Marvel The host Bisha K. Ali is one of the story editors-they keep it interesting and engaging. Because of TVA and its operations, Rocky The writer must also take into account the construction of many new worlds. Some exhibitions are creatively completed through traditional 2D style animation. For many other heavy tasks, the confused Rocky-like the rest of us, a newbie to TVA-eventually became the audience’s agent.

From Rocky For the family man, what is going to be broadcast in June

Owen Wilson as Mobius and Tom Hiddleston as Rocky Rocky
Image Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

It helps Rocky Director Kate Helen (Netflix’s sex education) also has a comedy background, because her job is to balance the various tones of the new Marvel series. It started as a TVA sitcom, and when Rocky and Mobius entered the real world after “particularly dangerous variants”, it turned into a crime thriller. Herron also brought the difference to life visually. With the help of graphic designer Kasra Farahani, Rocky A retro futuristic aesthetic was deployed for TVA. But as Herron and Waldron pointed out, everything outside of TVA is inspired by film noir, especially the works of David Fincher. The bridge between them is the heavy background sheet music of Natalie Holt’s creepy synthesizer, which incorporates the ticking of the clock-disturbing, fascinating, and keeps you in the lead.

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The action in the first few episodes was very light. They are more focused on introducing TVA and establishing a Loki-Mobius relationship.But the final turning point Rocky Episode 2 shows that the latest Marvel Disney+ series will be very different. And it was purposeful. Waldron once talked about how his initial propaganda “blowed up people’s views on the show and did something completely different in each episode.” Hiddleston played a lot of different notes during his time as the MCU’s longest-running villain (and later anti-hero), so Marvel’s first non-Avenger series is based on it. Of it.

Loki will premiere on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar on Wednesday, June 9. The new episode will be broadcast every Wednesday at approximately 12:30 PM Eastern Time / 12 AM Pacific Time until July 14.

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