Twitter announced on Wednesday that after suspension last week, it has resumed the process of accepting users’ requests for verification of their personal data. The verification application process was restarted on May 20-after a long suspension for more than four years. However, the Weibo platform suspended the process for more than a week after the restart. Although Twitter suspended the application process for verifying personal information, it promised to resume it soon. However, it did not provide any specific details at the time as to when it would start accepting verification applications again.

In a follow-up tweet following its earlier announcement, Twitter announced that it has resumed accepting verification requests from users. Recovered after a sudden pause for four days.

However, the San Francisco, California-based company did not provide any details on the exact reason why it suspended the process last week, and whether there will be any changes to the user’s response timeline after resumption. When Advertisement Shout contacted Twitter, they declined to comment on these details.

When it restarted its verification application process last month, Twitter stated that it would respond to users’ verification requests within “a few days” to a few weeks. The company pointed out that if the application is approved, users will begin to see the blue badge on their profile. Otherwise, it provides a window to reapply 30 days after receiving Twitter’s decision.

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Twitter has opened a window of verification for personal data belonging to only six different categories, namely government; companies, brands and organizations; news agencies and reporters; entertainment; sports and games; activists, organizers, and other influential individuals. But despite this, it recommends plans to expand the list with new categories later this year.

Since the process has now been restarted, if you are in an eligible category, you can apply to verify your profile and get a blue badge.You need to go Settings and privacy > account > Verification request On the Twitter app for mobile devices, or Set up > your account > account information > Request verification Request verification from the Twitter website.