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“Resident Evil” Reboot Set for 2021, Casts Marvel, Umbrella Academy, Maze Runner Stars for Origin Story

The relaunch of the “Resident Evil” movie is official and will arrive in 2021. Johannes Roberts (“John Middles” drops 47 meters) originated the director of “Resident Evil” in the 1998 Raccoon City story, which will be faithful to the video game series it is based on. It will be played by Kaya Scodelario (maze runner) as Claire Redfield, Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp) as Jill Valentine, Robbie Amell (Upload) as Chris Redfield, Tom Hopper (Umbrella Academy) as Albert Wesker, and Avan Georgia (Zombie Paradise: Double Tap) as Leon S. Kennedy (Leon S. Kennedy), Neal McDonough (Yellowstone Band) as William Birkin (William Birkin).

In the “Resident Evil” film series led by Milla Jovovich, I have seen all six characters. The film series performed a total of 6 works from 2002 to 2016. Ali Larter played Claire in the last four films, Sienna Guillory played Valentine in three films, and Wentworth Miller played Chris in two. In the chapter, Jason O’Mala (once) and Sean Roberts (three times) as Wesker, and Johann Urb as Kennedy and Birkin in the last two films Played Jason Isaacs (Jason Isaacs) in the first film, and then played Iain Glen (Iain Glen) four times.

“Through this movie, I really want to go back to the first two games and recreate the terrible visceral experience I experienced when I first played them, while telling a story about a dying American town. A solid human story, Roberts said in a prepared statement.

Konstantin Films, the German studio behind the original “Resident Evil” film series, announced on its website the restart of the “Resident Evil” movie. Robert Kulzer of Constantine will be with James Harris (I’m not a serial killer) and Hartley Gorenstein (boy) of Tea Shop Productions Acting as a producer. Constantine Films CEO Martin Moszkowicz (Martin Moszkowicz) and Victor Hadida (Davis Films) will serve as executive producers, and Alex Zhang (Greyhound) will As co-executive producer, Dylan Tarason of Constantine will serve as co-producer.

Kurtz added: “After 12 games, six live-action movies and hundreds of pages of fan fiction, we felt compelled to go back to 1998 to explore the secrets hidden on the walls of Spenser Building and Raccoon City.”

After the TV series headed by Jovovich was aptly named “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” in 2016, Constantine has been working on a film restart for three periods. year. The film’s box office revenue exceeded US$1.2 billion (approximately Rs 88.03 billion), the highest box office of any video game-based movie series so far. Netflix has also set up a separate reality show series.

Sony Pictures (Sony Pictures distributes globally, while Screen Gems in the US) will handle the relaunch of the “Resident Evil” film in most markets as before. Constantine will be responsible for the German-speaking market, the metropolis of France And Elevation in France. Canada.

The untitled “Resident Evil” restart will be released in cinemas around the world in 2021.

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