A download tracking company said on Wednesday that compared with 2019, the number of new podcasts launched last year has surged because listeners around the world have adapted to new habits during the blockade caused by the pandemic.

According to data from New York-based Chartable, there will be 885,262 new podcasts released worldwide by 2020, almost three times the number of 318,517 new podcasts the year before.

During the initial lockdown in March and April, Chartable said that as routine and commuting activities escalated, podcast downloads took a hit.

The company said in its blog: “However, as people developed new programs for the lock-in/shelter-in-place era, all listening quickly resumed.”

About 30% of new podcasts have only one or two episodes, and content creators are experimenting with this medium.

Chartable said, but “nearly a quarter of podcasts starting in 2021 have released more than 10 episodes.”

“This adds a total of more than 200,000 new podcasts with real staying power.”

Another notable trend is the rapid growth of non-English podcasts, with less than half of the new programming coming from other languages.

Hindi podcasts grew the fastest, increasing 14 times, followed by Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian and Spanish.

Educational podcasts (133,107) lead the rankings, surpassing culture and society (121,556) and art (94,360).

Apple’s own podcasting platform has steadily declined in terms of usage, and its market share has dropped from nearly 42.7% to 37.8% due to an increase in the number of listeners in the non-US market (Android phones are usually dominant).

At the same time, Spotify, which has invested heavily in podcasts, has steadily increased its audience share.

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Advertising revenue has also grown, up 15% from 2019, with 160 new advertisers turning to podcasts every week.

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