A study published on Monday showed that Facebook, Twitter, and Alphabet’s YouTube will fight harmful content like hate speech and misinformation at a much smaller pace than their social media competitors (including TikTok and Reddit) in the second half of 2020. .

Advertising agency IPG Mediabrands released the “Media Responsibility Index”, which studied the performance of top social media platforms in 10 areas, including protecting the well-being of children, providing advertisers with more transparency, and eliminating misinformation and false information.

Mediabrands stated that the American Association of Advertising Agencies has adopted 10 principles on media responsibility.

Nine social media platforms agreed to participate in the new index. Mediabrands said that from the first half of 2020, the entire industry has improved.

Facebook has shown improvements in curbing false and misleading content, such as removing pages and groups related to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

YouTube has not made major changes to its misinformation policy, resulting in lower scores in this category. However, Mediabrands said that the platform is indeed more focused on improving children’s well-being and other tasks, which makes this category a greater improvement than its peers.

Elijah said that the short video app TikTok has made the most progress among the nine social media platforms and has taken steps to cooperate with external companies to protect advertisers from appearing next to inappropriate content and give users better control. The type of video they see. Harris, the global social director of Reprise, Mediabrands.

Mediabrands’ previous report found that the location of ads on TikTok faces a higher risk of so-called brand safety issues, but TikTok has made improvements after “open arms to embrace our findings.”

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Mediabrands said that Pinterest will suspend accounts, these accounts will continue to spread misinformation, and Reddit prioritizes fact-checking in categories such as elections and health content, which will help the two companies make the most progress in combating false and misleading content.

Joshua Lowcock, chief digital officer of IPG agency UM, said that Mediabrands chose not to compare the final rankings of these platforms with each other to avoid giving the highest-scoring companies the wrong impression that their work is done.

He said: “We have a classroom, and everyone needs to work harder.” “There should be no proud parents here.”

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