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Reported that Facebook will relax Apple’s control over the App Store and prepare for antitrust lawsuits

A technology news media reported on Thursday that Facebook is preparing to file a lawsuit aimed at relaxing Apple’s control over the App Store, which is the exclusive gateway to iPhone models.

Leading social networks are preparing to file an antitrust civil lawsuit, accusing Apple of requiring external developers to comply with rules that do not apply to its own software, thereby abusing its control of the App Store.

Facebook told AFP: “As we have repeatedly said, we believe that Apple is anti-competitive by using their control of the App Store, thereby harming the interests of app developers and small businesses,” Apple refused to confirm or deny the report. .

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

The controversy between the tech giants focused on changes to Apple’s latest version of the iOS operating system software, which includes tracking transparency features, which Facebook claims will weaken its ability to provide targeted advertising.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) said in a conference call with investors on Wednesday that Apple is becoming one of the company’s biggest competitors.

Zuckerberg said: “Apple has every incentive to use its dominant position on the platform to interfere with the way our apps and other apps work, and they often do.

“Apple may say that they are doing this to help people, but these actions clearly demonstrate their competing interests.”

Facebook is not the only one complaining about how Apple manages the App Store. It charges a 30% third-party sales or subscription fee.

Some developers said that Apple’s revenue accounted for a large portion and maintaining strict policies may hinder competition with iPhone manufacturers’ services. Fortnite maker Epic Games has taken Apple to court.

Apple argues that its App Store provides billions of dollars in revenue for independent developers and that its approach is reasonable compared to other digital markets.

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