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Remembrance trailer: Hugh Jackman looks for Rebecca Ferguson in the first film by the co-creator of Westworld

The memories trailer is here. The background is set in a near dystopian future. The rising water level floods the city. Humans have created technologies that allow people to be completely immersed in past experiences, making them feel as real as real life. It is in this situation that we followed the moody Hugh Jackman as the “personal investigator of the soul” and led his clients on a “memory journey”.The description and trailer feel a bit like Inception, which is a bit interesting because the memory is the director’s debut of the film’s feature-length feature Westworld Co-creator Lisa Joy (Lisa Joy) By the way, her brother-in-law is Christopher Nolan, the screenwriter and director of Inception.

One night, May (Rebecca Ferguson) walked into Nick Bannister (Jackman)’s office, and you can see that he fell in love immediately. How can you not, this is Ferguson-Mission: Impossible to be famous-after all, it looks so dreamy. If you need any direct clues, just look at her red dress in Ferguson’s memory. This is a clear sign that she is a femme fatale. Nick explained how this world was formed, and let us see his past with May. “Nothing is more addictive than in the past,” he added, while his colleague (Thandiwe Newton) pulled him out of the machine. Why does he want to look at their past? Well, May has disappeared.

Naturally, she was no longer just Nick’s client—it was an obsession—he realized that he had to dig into her past to find out where she had gone. It turned out that she had a dark past he didn’t know. Once, he muttered to himself: “Is she escaping from the past? Or is she running back?” The mysterious past seemed to be related to the role played by Daniel Wu. In another scene, an invisible actor tells Nick: “You think you want the answer, but you don’t.” As Nick continued to search desperately, things got worse and people threatened to use needles. Stabbed him, even shot him directly.

In addition to Jackman, Ferguson, Newton and Wu, “Memories” also starred Cliff Curtis, Marina de Tavira, Mojan Aria, Brett Cullen, Natalie Martinez, Angela Salafyan and Nico Parker. Behind the scenes, Joey is directing her own script. Joy is also the producer of Reminiscence Westworld Co-creator and husband Jonathan Nolan, Michael De Luca and Aaron Ryder.The man who served as a film director for the first time brought several Westworld Collaborators include director of photography Paul Cameron, graphic designer Howard Cummings, editor Mark Yoshikawa, and composer Ramin Djawadi. “Memories” is the work of Joey and Nolan’s Gilt Films, Michael DeLuca Productions and FilmNation Entertainment. Warner Bros. Pictures is the distributor.

“Memoirs” will be released in cinemas and HBO Max around the world on August 20.

Memories poster

Official Memories Poster
Image source: Warner Bros.

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