Google Finance has been redesigned for the desktop and mobile web to make it easier to find data on stocks, market trends, and related news that interest you. An important new feature that allows you to group the stocks you follow and build your own stock watch list will help you find news, statistics, and income details. According to Google, such updates will enable people to make more informed investment decisions. The update will be rolled out in the United States in the coming weeks.

The Google Finance team wrote in a blog post that understanding the context is the key to making smart investment decisions, and by organizing information in a useful way, Google will make it easier to find and compare information. With the redesigned Google Finance, you can also add company events and revenue directly to Google Calendar.

In the revised version of Google Finance, you will find explanations and descriptions of key terms and statistics when browsing stock details. For example, if you hover over a term like “market capitalization,” you will get a definition of that term and a badge that lets you know whether the company is a large, medium, or small company.

The redesigned version of Google Finance has eye-catching colors to make it easier to distinguish stocks. Compared with the current version of Google Finance, this update will be a welcome change, because it will bring a lot of search results, and there are not many customizable features.

The watch list will be expanded later this year to include product portfolio features. Soon, you will be able to create and customize your own portfolio, easily track gains, losses, and view news related to your portfolio.

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Google did not announce when the redesigned version of Google Finance will be rolled out to other countries, including India.

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