The Internet has gone from capturing the zeitgeist to the power of creating the era – influencers on YouTube and TikTok have created trends, and people posted on Twitter and Reddit are changing the language we use, although it is not always obvious. Seeing these changes sometimes requires reviewing, and this is exactly what Reddit users did when they asked how people spoke on the Internet in the past.

A Reddit user asked the forum’s “elderly” users what S language was popular online during the “Internet Dawn” and what does it mean? This is followed by an interesting thread that shows how the online world is changing.

“I didn’t go at dawn, but I was still very early.’Warez’ is a pirated thing,’Sup’ or later’Lo’ is the standard greeting. We often use’BRB’ and’Progs’ for In terms of programs, “pr0n” replaces pornography, and there are others, but my brain is no longer what it used to be.” User Holeray said.

ppity_pangolin said: “If I think this is an elderly person, then I miss TTYL,” which is “Talk later.” Most avid texters will know that IDK is “I don’t know”.

The user IntrovertIdentity decided to describe the initial challenge the user faced. “‘Network’ is a big event. We have netizens (netizens) and expect to behave normally (Internet etiquette). For example, Internet etiquette says that you should obtain permission before linking to a website. Therefore, before linking to Apple , Please email Tim first. We don’t know how to tell people to go to the website. “At that time, point the browser to” was very popular. People often confuse whether to use “/” or “” as Slash, so people often say “point your browser to http colon forward slash altavista dot com. “

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A Reddit user also posted a video in which he said that even in the 90s, the video was still “creepy”, but at that time “it will help you understand the true meaning of the Internet.”

Another user, WannaWaffle, said that during that period, “there were very few languages” because there were very few Internet users in the general population. “The real language began with the invention of the .com domain name, which took the Internet from academia, The tools of the military and some enterprises have been transformed into tools used by the general public, mainly through AOL, Prodigy and similar services. “

“You can’t see enough 33t here,” Court_Vision said.

Check the thread to test your “senior” Internet knowledge and figure out yourself.

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